The parents who sued their 30-year-old son because he just won’t move out. The Golden Knights pregame was again awesome. And an oral history of Action Park, the most dangerous theme park anywhere

You know, sometimes parents have just had enough.

You spend so much time and effort trying to mold these creatures into good and functioning members of society, and then you send them out into the world around age 18 and hope they turn out OK.

And sometimes… they never go out into the world. And 12 years later you’ve got to go to court to get them to move out.

I’m not sure if I found this story more hilarious, or tragic, or both, but as someone who did live at home with my parents for a little over a year in my mid-20’s, I can relate to the frustration felt by Mark and Christina Rotondo of Camillus, N.Y. (upstate near Syracuse).

Their son Michael is 30, and refuses to move out. He won’t do chores, won’t move his car when they need to get out, and they’ve given him five written notices telling him he needs to leave and get his own place.

But Michael refuses. So the Rotondo’s did what they had to do: They sued their ungrateful heir.

“After a discussion with your Mother, we have decided that you must leave this house immediately,” Mark wrote in a letter to Onondaga County Supreme Court recently.

This story tells of the Rotondo’s many, many efforts to compel Michael to leave, but he just won’t get the hint. They’ve offered money, advice, tried to be kind, tried tough love, but nothing worked.

And so they’re suing him, and God bless them, let’s hope Michael finally gets off his butt and gets out.

Finally, last week a judge ruled in favor of the Rotondo’s, telling Michael he’s got to move out. Michael’s appealing.

Hey Michael, the world out here’s OK, despite what you see on TV. Now come out of the basement and join the rest of us.

**Next up today, I don’t usually write about the same topic within a span of a week, but as epic as Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Finals was on Monday night, the Vegas Golden Knights’ pregame show was even better.

Seriously, this is movie-quality work from the team. Can’t wait to see what they have cooked up for Game 2.

**Finally today, I know I tend to romanticize almost all parts of my childhood and the 1980s, because they were awesome and stuff. But there was some scary yet thrilling stuff to, including any time we went to Action Park.

If you’re not from the East Coast, maybe you don’t know about Action Park. But it was a crazy place. It was a water park that seemed to have very few rules or safety precautions, and because of all the injuries and lawsuits there got the delightful nicknames “Traction Park” and “Class Action Park.”

We used to go there every summer with camp and I’m telling you, it was terrifying. And I was usually riding the not-so-scary rides because I’m a big wuss, and I still remember being terrified.

Happily, I’m not the only one who felt this way. The great website have compiled this oral history of Action Park, with quotes from the owner’s son and guests who are happy they’re still alive. (there’s also a new Johnny Knoxville movie coming out soon “Action Point” based on Action Park.)

A sample passage:

“People would bounce off. That’s why we called them Gumbys. Down in first aid, at the end of the night, you’d be having pizza and inevitably someone would come in looking like they had a giant burn from head to toe.”

And this:

I can’t tell you the number of people who would jump into the water, start to drown, get pulled out, and then we’d ask if they knew how to swim. They’d go, “Nah, I don’t. I figured the lifeguard would pull me out.” That is just insane.

Ah, Action Park. So glad I lived to read about it.


One response to “The parents who sued their 30-year-old son because he just won’t move out. The Golden Knights pregame was again awesome. And an oral history of Action Park, the most dangerous theme park anywhere

  1. I lived at home for a coupe of years after getting out of the army. I moved to Milwaukee and roomed with a friend. I get living with your parents. College grads have a ton of debt or there are people working at low paying jobs. As for the pre game. I think they do the same bit every night. I didn’t watch the pre game tonight, but I suspect it was the same as Monday.

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