Daily Archives: June 6, 2018

The NBA player assault by police in Milwaukee story somehow gets worse. Isiah Thomas the original finally wins something again, a hilarious Kimmel segment. And why FBI agents carrying guns shouldn’t do crazy dances.

You may have heard in the last few weeks about the NBA player in Milwaukee getting assaulted by police there after parking in a handicapped spot one night in a local shopping center.

There’s video all over the Internet of Bucks guard Sterling Brown being absolutely pummeled by (of course, white police officers) and being treated like so, so many African-Americans are when confronted by police.

The original video is disturbing enough, believe me, with Brown getting tased and brutalized.

But this week an extended version of the video was released, and it’s even more atrocious.

We get to hear police officers intentionally step on Brown’s ankle for no particular reason; get excited about the overtime they’re going to pull on this case, and (oh crap) begin to realize that the man they’ve overpowered needlessly is an NBA player.

Just absolutely disgusting. And not at all atypical. How many more of these videos are we going to see? How many more people of color need to suffer before there’s serious criminal justice reform in this country?

Oh that’s right, everything’s cool. Our President said the other day “blacks have never had it so good.”

**Next up today, to lighten the mood a little I thought I’d present this hilarious Jimmy Kimmel segment from the other night. Occasionally Kimmel does a little game-show bit called “Generation Gap” where he matches two people from very different generations and asks them pop-culture questions about their opponent’s generation.

He had two versions of basketball Isiah Thomas’ this week, the 58-year-old legendary player turned legendarily awful NBA front office man, against the current NBA standout Isaiah Thomas, who’s only 29.

The whole thing is great, but the old Isiah’s reaction to seeing ‘The Twist” is the best.

**And finally today… yet another reason why guns don’t make anyone safer, and why guns in bars is SUCH a great idea. So this FBI agent named Chase Bishop was in Denver on Saturday night, off-duty, and decided to do some dancing. With a gun in his pants.

And ole’ Chase didn’t just dance like the rest of us, nope he had to show off and do some fancy flipping. And as you might expect, when Chase flipped, his gun fell out of his pants. And upon picking the gun up, it went off. And shot a man in the leg.

The victim, fortunately, suffered only a minor wound. But Bishop (also notice that he walks off the dance floor AWAY from where his gun went off) has been arrested, and the local district attorney is weighing whether to press charges.

Good God, the sheer stupidity. And yet, guns in bars is thought to be a good idea.