Daily Archives: June 27, 2018

The despicable stolen seat on the Supreme Court comes home to roost. And America should be ashamed. A man who returned orange juice and then won the lottery. And a political ad that will inspire and give hope.

Disgusted and fed up and outraged all over again. That’s how I felt Tuesday afternoon, as the latest Supreme Court decisions rolled in at the end of the term.

I thought I’d used up all my indignation and shock about the unbelievable, unethical and in all other ways wrong behavior by Mitch McConnell and Senate Republicans in 2016, absolutely refusing to even meet with Obama Supreme Court Justice nominee Merrick Garland.

I was as angry about that baldly unconstitutional and completely unprecedented decision as I’d been in years, probably since the failure of anything getting done on gun control after the Sandy Hook school massacre.

I could not believe that McConnell and Co. were allowed to just refuse a President’s nominee on zero grounds, and I was infuriated that Democrats like Obama and Hillary Clinton didn’t march out Merrick Garland at every single rally the entire year, point to him, and say “This is what happens if Republicans are allowed to control government, and the Supreme Court is in dangerous hands if we let them block Merrick Garland. We cannot let Donald Trump become President.”

And yet … McConnell did get away with it. And Hillary didn’t talk about it every day, didn’t schlep Garland around the country, and slowly this unbelievable heist of a Supreme Court seat was allowed to happen.

Because then Trump became President, and he nominated Neil Gorsuch, and this week Gorsuch and his four fellow Conservatives have done quite a lot to hurt America.

From ruling that decidedly-prejudiced state voting district maps drawn by the GOP in North Carolina and Texas were fine, and ruling that Trump’s racist travel ban for tourists from certain Muslim countries was a-OK, to ruling unconstitutional a California law that required “crisis pregnancy centers” to provide abortion literature… all of it, ALL of IT, was only made possible thanks to Merrick Garland’s nomination being completely and 100 percent blockaded.

I get so furious with politics sometimes, and with candidates who run bad races (Hillary Clinton, I’m looking at you) because these are the results.

It is an absolute abomination what happened to Merrick Garland in 2016. And the ramifications of it will be felt for a long, long time.

**Next up today, this story cracked me up, and will certainly appeal to my best friend Clay, God love him, maybe the thriftiest man alive with a nickel (he might get mad at me for saying that but it’s 100 percent true; he’d walk five miles to save a nickel).

Meet Tayeb Souami, a 55-year-old New Jersey man. On May 19, he came home to his wife with a $5 bottle of orange juice from his local Hackensack, N.J. ShopRite store. But Souami’s wife told him that she’d found the same brand on sale for $2.50 elsewhere, so she sent Tayeb back to the store (we’ve all been there, right guys?)

What happened next was amazing: From the Washington Post: “Souami dutifully trudged back to the store in Hackensack, N.J. —  OJ and receipt in hand.

But at the customer service counter, he saw a sign for the Powerball jackpot, which had ballooned to $306 million at that point, according to video of Souami’s news conference.

He liked the number and was feeling lucky, so he purchased two tickets using the money he got from the returned orange juice and mostly forgot about the lottery for the rest of the day.”

Well, of course you can guess what happened next: Tayeb won the PowerBall jackpot, and took the $183 million lump sum payment that went with it.

His life is forever changed, all because his wife wanted him to get the orange juice for cheaper.

What an incredible story, and good for the 55-year-old African immigrant.

Of course, the real moral of the story? Always listen to your wife.

**And finally, I was looking for a little political palatte-cleanser after the Supreme Court news on Tuesday, and happily found it on my friend Jeff Pearlman’s Facebook feed.

This may be one of the best political ads I’ve ever seen. Meet MJ Hegar, a former Army pilot shot down over Afghanistan in 2009 who is now running for Congress in a Texas district that’s solidly Republican.

I have no idea if Hegar will win, but this ad is amazing, and inspiring, and gives me some hope. It’s been viewed more than 2 million times already since it debuted last week.