Daily Archives: August 22, 2018

Michael Cohen pleads guilty and implicates his old boss in a felony, and Trump gets one step closer to infamy. A man apologizes to his girlfriend with 300 large posters. And I appear on a podcast that usually hosts famous writers (but now me too!).

I know, I know, those of us on the left are a broken record with the “this time, Donald Trump’s Presidency really is doomed.

But let us, if you will, examine the front page of Wednesday’s New York Times, shall we? Let’s see what the Old Gray Lady has to say.

First up, Trump’s consigliere, his No. 1 attorney and longtime friend, pleaded guilty to eight counts on state fraud charges Tuesday, and at least one of those charges directly implicates the Orange Grifter in a felony.

From the lede to the Times story: Michael D. Cohen, President Trump’s former lawyer, made the extraordinary admission in court on Tuesday that Mr. Trump had directed him to arrange payments to two women during the 2016 campaign to keep them from speaking publicly about affairs they said they had with Mr. Trump.

So stop right there. Forget anything else Donald Trump has said, done, Tweeted or screamed in the last three years. Right there, we have the President of the United States helping commit a felony. You’re going to tell me THAT’s not enough for impeachment? When the House of Representatives impeached Bill Clinton for having oral sex in the White House with a woman other than his wife?

Then on the left side of the page, we have the story of Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager, being convicted of eight counts of bank and tax fraud charges.

Amid all the other news Wednesday, amid Stormy Daniels’ lawyer crowing like a peacock on MSNBC (man, does Michael Avenatti want to be famous, or what?), we are left with the fairly inescapable conclusion that everyone Donald Trump surrounds himself with is a criminal. And lots and lots of them know stuff, and have been talking to Robert Mueller, and I just can’t see how Trump escapes from this jam.

The End of Trump has taken far longer than I expected, and hit a lot more bumps along the way. But I mean, come on… it HAS to be close to the end of his Presidency, especially if the Democrats re-take the Senate and House in November.

It’s just so darn unlucky that everyone Trump trusts turns out to be a criminal, isn’t it?

As usual, the great Charlie Pierce had the best take on Tuesday’s huge news.

**Next up today, I loved this story, because who among us hasn’t done something crazy to apologize to a significant other?

Not sure any of us have gone to this extreme, though: A man in India named Nilesh Khedekar was really, really sorry for what he’d done. So he put up 300 banners all over town reading “Shivde, I am sorry!!” and people in Maharashtra were really not thrilled about Nilesh’s defacement of public property.

No word yet on if Nilesh’s girlfriend forgave him. But man, that’s an awful lot of paint to waste if she still thinks you’re a doofus.

**Finally today, allow me to promote two recent pieces of entertainment I’m proud of and wanting to share.

First, my great friend Jeff Pearlman had me on his excellent “Two Writers Slinging Yang” podcast this week, and while my career achievements pale in comparison to writing greats like Gary Smith and Wright Thompson he’s had on his show, I am the only one who first met Jeff wearing a gold New York Jets pendant and jeans jacket. For real, it was a really fun conversation about my life in journalism, why I left newspapers, and what it’s like to be locked inside a soccer stadium. Check it out here.

Second, it’s U.S. Open time, and that means I’m going to be writing a TON about tennis. My first story is on the pride of Dover, Del. Madison Brengle, and the excruciating pain she lives with every day. I’m amazed after this brutally frank interview and story I wrote how she’s able to play world-class tennis, given her medical condition. Check the story out here.