The boxer who decided after the bell rang to say “no thanks.” A taekwondo team does a jaw-dropping routine. And the newspaper feature that just prints what people had to eat that day.

Boxing is inherently a dangerous sport, of course. But one would think that if you’re crazy enough to sign on to fight a professional match, you’ve thought things through and are prepared to go through with it.

That way, when the bell rings, you go out there and do your best. Well, apparently a last-second change of heart can actually come at the last second, when you’re preparing to slug another man into unconsciousness.

Meet Curtis Harper, who last Saturday night was preparing to fight another fellow named Efe Ajagba.

After the boxers touched gloves and the bell rang, Harper suddenly forgot he left his stove on. Or he remembered he had a dentist appointment. Or he had a bus to Cleveland to catch.

Whatever it was, Harper stepped between the ropes, and simply walked away. Never seen anything like that in my life.

According to this BBC story,journalist Jordan Hardy – who works for Premier Boxing Champions, which was broadcasting the fight – said Harper told her the walkout was because of money.

“He walked out of the ring because he’s not getting paid enough to fight and that he wants respect,” she wrote on social media.

Um, Curtis? Were you unaware of the dollar figure in the contract you signed? Did you think they just forgot a couple zeroes, my man?

Regardless, on behalf of Curtis Harper’s brain cells, I say, thank you, sir.

**And now, something from our “Please don’t try this at home” file, I present a team of South Korean taekwondo experts from the Kukkiwon Demonstration Team, from a recent performance.

My feet hurt just watching what these incredible athletes do. My goodness. I wonder how many broken toes and such it took to do this stuff right.

**And finally, any excuse I have to write about cool newspaper features, I will do it. This was just brought to my attention the other day: The Charleston (S.C.) Post and Courier has a daily feature where local residents get to write exactly what they ate in a recent day, verbatim.

Literally, that’s it. Here’s what I ate, where I did it, was it good or not good, the whole thing. No frills, no fluff, just a human being and what they ate.

I would absolutely, positively read that every day if I lived in Charleston. Here’s one entry (above), the part about his sister-in-law is my favorite.

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