Daily Archives: October 5, 2018

Good News Friday: The “Creed 2” movie trailer has me so excited. A small town in Oregon honors its favorite son: A deliveryman. And a 99-year-old walks six miles a day to visit his sick wife

And a Happy Friday, boys and girls, children of all ages. While we wait for the white smoke to come from the Capitol, and praise God we get word that Drinkin’ Brett doesn’t get confirmed for the Supreme Court, here are three small doses of happiness for you to head into the weekend.

OK, so you may remember a few years ago I got totally, irrationally excited over the new movie “Creed,” a sort-of sequel to all the Rocky movies starring Michael B. Jordan as Adonis Creed, long-lost son of Apollo. Well, the movie was pretty fantastic, Jordan should’ve gotten an Oscar nomination for it, and even Sly Stallone showed some acting chops.

Well, for reasons I can’t quite understand (oh yeah, $$$$), they’re making a sequel, with a storyline so ridiculous it’s wonderful: Ivan Drago, murderer of Apollo Creed in Rocky IV (“If he dies, he dies”) has a son, and that son challenges Adonis Creed to a match.

Is it crazy? Of course. But watch the above trailer and tell me you don’t want to run through a wall. The movie comes out Nov. 21, and I’m super excited for it. Again, I get sucked back in!

**Next up today, blog favorite Steve Hartman of CBS News never fails to make me smile. This story in particular warmed my heart. In the Pacific Northwest town of Gresham, Ore., an autistic man named Todd Kirnan has become a local hero over the past decades. Tod is the Everyman for the town, making deliveries for all, running errands for downtown businesses, and putting smiles on the faces of so many residents.

So how can the town repay him? With an unbelievable series of gestures and events. Watch this three-minute story, and feel good today.

**Finally today, a story I missed from a few weeks ago that I wanted to share. One year shy of being 100, Luther Younger (and isn’t THAT a great name for this guy?) loves his wife, Waverlee, more than life itself. When she was diagnosed with a brain tumor several years ago, she of course had to go to a hospital near their home in Rochester, N.Y.

When Waverlee is in the hospital for treatment, Luther decides to walk three miles, each way, to go visit her. His family has offered to give him rides, as have friends, but he always says no.

I got a wife. I don’t want to wait on the bus. I want to go up there to see my wife,” he said during an interview.

former Marine and Vietnam veteran, Luther speaks lovingly about his wife, and about his devotion.

“She’s the best cup of tea I ever had,” he said of his wife. “She would come in and kiss me and say baby and feed me in the bed and this is what I need right here.”

Wonderful devotion. I hope if I live to 99, I can still walk six miles, I tell you that much.