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A hilarious and accurate anti-Ted Cruz ad makes me smile. A student in California serves cookies with her Grandma’s ashes in them. And Vin Scully’s voice on the World Series (even though it’s an ad) is beautiful

Hi dear readers, a quick personal plug before we get started today: As some of you may know my grandmother, the greatest person I’ll ever know, suffered from Alzheimer’s Disease before she died five years ago. My family and I are doing a charity walk with the Alzheimer’s Association here in NYC this Saturday, and we’re trying to raise as much as we can to help research a cure for this insidious disease. Any amount you could donate would be much appreciated. Thanks. Here’s the link if you are able to donate. 

OK, on with the show…

I guess it’s possible that if there’s a political figure in America I hate more than Donald Trump, it’s Mr. Ted Cruz, Senator from the state of Texas.

I’ve written many times before about my disgust for Cruz, a Harvard-educated elitist who pretends to be a “common man, man of the people” and that’s only one of many, many, many issues I have with him. He’s a bigot, he’s a xenophobe, and he’s such a nasty human being that literally no one else in the Senate, in either party, likes him.

Lindsay Graham, who before he got infected with Trump disease used to at least be a straight talker, once said of Cruz “If you killed Ted Cruz on the floor of the Senate, and the trial was in the Senate, nobody would convict you.”

Anyway, Cruz is a despicable guy, by almost universal account, which is why millions of us who live outside of Texas are hoping and praying Beto O’Rourke beats him on Election Day.

But until then, we can all enjoy this devastating ad, highlighted on John Oliver’s HBO show last week.

Just perfect. Go Beto.

**Next up today, file this one under “Be careful what you buy from schoolkids.” So a girl in California decided to bring in some homemade cookies recently to share with her friends.

These were special cookies, it turns out: they contained traces of her late grandmother’s ashes.
I’m not making this up. A student at Da Vinci Charter Academy High School in Davis, Calif. gave the cookies to classmates, then told them they contained human ashes in them, according to this story from KTXL-TV.

The school district refuses to confirm or deny the story or what has happened to the student, but apparently she told lots of kids the same story.

Wow. I mean, I’ve heard of liking Grandma’s cookies before, but this is going WAY too far. And if you always wanted to save a little taste of Grandma’s cooking, there are better ways to do it!

So many jokes, so little time…

**And finally today, Tuesday night was Game 1 of the World Series (Boo, Red Sox), and while I can’t say I’m enthralled, I did catch this commercial on social media and thought it was fabulous.

Not just because of the nice job by T-Mobile with the ad, and the donations, but because it’s voiced by the voice of baseball, Vin Scully. Those beautiful pipes, over these images, make for one hell of a commercial.

I’d listen to Vin Scully read anything, anywhere, anytime.