Happy Thanksgiving! My annual tribute to the holiday, starring “Cheers” and “The West Wing.” Another horrifying Trump story from the N.Y. Times on his abuse of power. And a soccer ref forgets the coin for the coin toss and improvises hilariously.

It’s Thanksgiving Eve, the night before my favorite holiday of the year, made extra-special in 2018 because for the first time ever we’re hosting the holiday in my home (don’t worry, I’m not cooking the turkey. Good chance our guests will live).

A couple of things I always like to highlight during Thanksgiving week, most especially my favorite TV Thanksgiving episode ever, the iconic “Cheers’ episode which leads to the foodfight at Carla’s house.

This never, ever fails to get me to crack up, and every time I watch it something else triggers me. Tonight it was at 2:23, Frasier’s face when the yams hit him. Just the shock and then indignation.

So, so good.

And then of course, maybe the funniest scene in “The West Wing” history, when President Bartlet calls the Butterball hotline for advice on cooking a turkey. “I think you made the second bacteria up” cracks me up every time.

**Next up today, another in a long, long line of frightening stories coming out about our current President. I don’t know why this one struck me as so, so bad, maybe because I read it a few hours after President Moron tied himself into knots trying to defend Saudi Arabia’s brutal killing of Jamal Khashoggi, and Trump’s buddy the Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman. Horrifying, lying and completely without disregard for the life of a journalist.

But not to be outdone by Trump’s disgraceful defense of this murder, comes this New York Times story saying that Trump wanted to order the Justice Department (sorry, “His” Justice Dept.) to investigate James Comey and Hillary Clinton, and was only stopped by White House Counsel Don McGahn, who told him if he did it he could be impeached.

So Trump didn’t order the investigation. But he wanted to. McGahn, oh by the way, no longer works at the White House.

I’m grateful that, like that anonymous op-ed writer said months ago (and hey, how did no one ever figure out who it was?) there are at least a few grownups in the White House to tell this lunatic “no.”

But I fear there are fewer and fewer of them, and after the midterm humiliation, Trump will get more and more vengeful and paranoid and evil. Pray for us all.

**And finally today, I’ve been meaning to write about this story for a week and have kept forgetting, so today I’m finally putting it out there because I think it’s fabulous.

So a soccer referee in England named David McNamara went out to officiate the coin toss before a Women’s Super League match a few weeks ago. Except when he got to midfield, he realized he’d forgotten to bring the coin from the locker room.

So he improvised: He told the two captains to play rock, paper, scissors to determine who got the ball first. They were stunned but of course followed orders, and it should have just been a funny little thing that a referee did, a bit of clever humor.

But no, it’s England and they take their football SO seriously there, so a torrent of criticism of McNamara from BBC Sport ensued, leading to McNamara being suspended for three weeks by the Football Association.

Absolutely ridiculous, considering everyone loves rock, paper, scissors, and the guy was just trying to get the game going.

Happily, hundreds of refs across the world have backed McNamara, and in informal grassroots games have used rock, paper, scissors to start games lately.

The suspension is asinine. Good for other refs calling the FA out on it. And besides, everyone knows you throw rock when you get the chance, your opponent will never throw paper.


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