A wild and wacky day in the NFL, capped by an insanely awesome Dolphins-Pats finish. A fan wins a car at a college basketball game, really easily. And an awesome dance tutorial to an 80’s classic

So, last Sunday I had the rare chance to kick back and watch a few hours of NFL football, something I used to do every week but now, not so much.

And the games were… meh. Nothing thrilling.

Then yesterday I was busy all day with a great family party and other stuff, and I saw almost none of the NFL day… and it was thrilling and crazy all over the place.

Ah well, the trade-offs of life. But man were there some incredible games Sunday, including one of the all-time great endings in Miami. If you missed it, the evil New England Patriots led the slightly-less-evil Miami Dolphins (of course you know I’m a Jets fan so I hate them both), 33-28, with seven seconds to go in the game.

The Dolphins were 69 yards from the end zone, so you figured QB Ryan Taneyhill would hoist a Hail Mary, which never works. But Miami instead completed a short pass, and did a few laterals, and Kenyon Drake ended up with the ball, and this amazing happened. Here, watch…

I mean, that’s just nuts! The Pats having Rob Gronkowski, their enormous man-child of a tight end, back to knock down a Hail Mary, then him having to try to make the tackle to save the game, is pretty hilarious. Just a crazy, crazy ending.

— My beloved Jets finally won for the first time in six weeks, scoring on 4th and goal from the 1 with under two minutes left to beat the equally inept Buffalo Bills.
I know I should be a little upset that the Jets hurt their draft position by winning, but hey, it’s fabulous to see our franchise QB Sam Darnold get his first big comeback win. And hey, they’ll still be picking in the Top 5 I’m sure.

— More craziness from Sunday: The Browns (the Browns!) won again, beating a formerly really good Panthers team. The Texans, who’d won nine in a row, lose to at schizophrenic Indy team that looks terrible and great every other week.

— The Giants had a 40-0 lead over the Redskins at one point. I mean, I know Washington was starting Mark Sanchez at QB but still,  40-0! I love that my Giants fan friends are starting to talk themselves into “Hey, look, they’re not so bad, they just had some bad breaks in some tough losses, maybe we should bring Eli back next year…”

— And how do you figure this? Pittsburgh goes to Oakland, with the Raiders having two wins all year, and the Steelers lose. The 49ers beat Denver, when the Broncos have been on a roll. As I always say, anyone who gambles on the NFL, and actually thinks they know what’s going to happen, is a bigger fool than anyone.

— Finally, the Chicago Bears defense looked a whole lot better against the Rams Sunday night than it did a week earlier. Man, those L.A. boys sure didn’t look like they could handle the cold weather too well. Would love to see a Rams-Bears rematch in January.

**Next up today, this is pretty brilliant and twisted and demented and completely 1980s music inspired, so there’s NO WAY I wasn’t gonna love this.

A comedian named Joe Kwaczala has made a video showing the “official” dance steps one is supposed to do when dancing to the classic ’80s tune “Tainted Love” by Soft Cell.

Of course Kwaczala’s commentary is what makes it so damn funny. I had to pause and rewind a few times just to make sure I heard what I thought I heard.

**And finally today, we’ve all seen these contests at basketball games where a fan comes out of the stands and tries to win a great prize by sinking a few shots. But I don’t think I’ve ever seen a car won as easily as this. Check out Nicole Kornet at a UCLA game last Friday.

Now, technically Kornet didn’t win a car, because she’s a former UCLA player and therefore ineligible, and she said she was told that beforehand (she was only allowed in the contest because it was her birthday, she said.)

But still, even for a former player, this is pretty amazing…

2 responses to “A wild and wacky day in the NFL, capped by an insanely awesome Dolphins-Pats finish. A fan wins a car at a college basketball game, really easily. And an awesome dance tutorial to an 80’s classic

  1. Amazing play. Technically 69 yards. But the QB was just about back to the 20 when he threw the pass. The Bears defense was tremendous, but not thrilled seeing Trubisky throwing 3 interceptions and all 3 were all terrible throws. In the first quarter they had 1st and goal at the nine and with 2 penalties a row they ended up kicking a FG. The Steelers blew a chance to tie when the kicker slipped on a 40 yard field goal. I am rooting for Seattle to beat the Vikes.

    • Hi sir, yeah Trubisky would worry me too if I were a Bears fan, he might be the difference in them going to the Super Bowl or not, although I really feel like this is the Saints’ year, the way they’ve been playing. But Trubisky is still young, he’s never been in big pressure situations like he’ll face in the playoffs, who knows how he’ll respond.

      On Mon, Dec 10, 2018 at 9:30 PM Wide World of Stuff wrote:


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