Good News Friday: A mother-daughter meeting 69 years in the making. Def Leppard and Miss Janet make the Rock Hall, honors long overdue. And a father dancing for his sick son is awesome

And a Merry Friday to all of you out there, hopefully not reading this after being stuck in holiday shopping traffic. Ah, how I love these days before Christmas, when the mall parking lots are jammed with people screaming “I saw that spot first, you ?##I($?@#(@)!” (Don’t tell me everyone shops online now, I’ve driven past a few department store/malls this week and they’ve been jam-packed).

Hopefully you’re somewhere safe and warm reading this, because this first story is a doozy.

Check this out, a story I read on the Only Good News Network site. An 88-year-old woman named Genevieve Purinton thought she was all alone in the world, now that her eight siblings had died, and she had never married.

Purinton had a child once, a daughter, in 1949, but she says she was told in the hospital that her daughter had died.

Now living in an assisted living facility in Tampa, Purinton got the shock of a lifetime recently, when a woman named Connie Moultrop walked through her door and told her she was her daughter.

Thanks to an Ancestry DNA kit she got last year, Moultrop was able to track down her biological mother (she had been adopted as a baby) and they had their long, long delayed reunion last week.

What an incredible story, 68 years after the fact. Now, it’s not clear why any hospital would’ve told Purinton her daughter had passed away. But that detail hardly seems important now when watching the above video. Purinton now has grandchildren she can get to know!

Can you imagine, looking all your life for your mother and then finally finding her? The emotion that must’ve caused. Wow.

**Next up today, it was a mixed bag kind of week in my eyes when it came to Halls of Fame announcements. Earlier this week the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown announced that Lee Smith and Harold Baines were elected by the “Today’s Game” veterans committee, and I think it’s a joke that two very good, but hardly great, players are being enshrined in Cooperstown.

But another Hall of Fame got it very right on Thursday, as one of my all-time favorite bands, Def Leppard, was voted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, along with The Cure and Janet Jackson, among others.

Miss Janet, if you’re nasty, had an incredible career and absolutely deserves to be in. But Def Leppard’s election makes me even happier. One of the seminal moments in my music childhood was listening to their epic album “Hysteria” over and over again in 1988. The lyrics, the performance, that album was incredible, as was much of their other music. One of the highlights of my life as a journalist was getting to interview Phil Collen, one of Def Leppard’s guitarists, over the phone in 1996.

I love this band, and I’m thrilled they’re getting inducted. Now go watch the “Pour Some Sugar on Me” video and get it stuck in your head all day.

**Finally today, professional dancer Kenny Thomas has a 1-year-old son named Kristian, who has been dealt some unspeakably cruel breaks by life already: Born with Down Syndrome, he’s also now been diagnosed with leukemia.

What’s a Dad to do to deal with the pain his son is doing? Dance, baby. Just dance. Watch the above video and look at the joy on little Kristian’s face toward the end.
Love is the most powerful drug of all.

One response to “Good News Friday: A mother-daughter meeting 69 years in the making. Def Leppard and Miss Janet make the Rock Hall, honors long overdue. And a father dancing for his sick son is awesome

  1. I am so old. I don’t think I have ever heard a Def Leppard song not even the one you suggested. Music passed me by for the most part after the 70’s. As for the hall of fame, I think Lee Smith earned it. For his time he was a great reliever. Harold Baines was a very good player but I don’t think hall of fame great.

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