Daily Archives: December 21, 2018

Good News Friday: A great surprise video of a soldier returning from home, to his son. Steve Hartman’s annual trip with “Secret Santa” has a beautiful twist this year. And an NYPD officer’s son gets an awesome surprise for his wheelchair.

And a Happy Friday to all of you holiday shoppers out there! If you’re like me you’re alternately thrilled to have family around next week when so many people are on vacation from work, and alternately worried over filling the days for the kids, who are of course also on vacation (Playdates are a beautiful thing).

First up today on Good News Friday, these “soldiers returning home to surprise family members” videos never get old, but this one had a pretty fabulous twist. It was posted on Twitter by a man named Jadin Hart, who says his nephew got the best present of all this holiday season. Watch as the boy unwraps a very very large gift, and what comes out of it surprises the hell out of him.

**Next up today, I make an annual habit, and look forward to it each year, of watching CBS Sunday Morning’s amazing Steve Hartman take his trip around a U.S. city with his friend “Secret Santa,” an anonymous millionaire who at the holidays travels around and gives struggling people $100 bills to help with their lives.

The reactions are always priceless, but this year Secret Santa recruited an “elf” to help: A homeless man in Phoenix named Moses, who surprised passersby who just stopped to talk to him.

“It’s my experience that the people with the least, give the most of what they have,” Secret Santa says in the piece. So true.

He also said “Kindness, is a bridge between all people.”

So, so great. Such a small amount of kindness goes such a long way.

**And finally today, NYPD officer Merritt Riley has a 16-year-old son who suffers from cerebral palsy and is in a wheelchair. As one might expect from an officer’s son, Aidan Riley loves all things police, and recently he got an amazing surprise: His very own police cruiser outfitted to fit around his wheelchair.

It took eight months to build and a ton of cooperation from different agencies, but this week Aidan got his new ride.

So freaking cool!