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Taking stock of Bernie Sanders as he announces he’s running again: I used to love him, now I wish he’d go away. David Puddy Night for the Devils is hilarious. And it’s Duke-Carolina day, baby! I’m a little excited

In a move that has surprised no one, the senior senator from Vermont, Mr. Bernie Sanders, announced Tuesday that he’s running for President in 2020.

Now before I come to metaphorically bury him, allow me first to praise him. Bernie Sanders did a lot for the Democratic Party in 2015 and ’16.

He raised issues, like Medicare for All, universal health care, free college tuition, and many other formerly extreme positions and made them way more palatable for mainstream candidates.

Now many of us liberals never thought these positions were extreme at all, but far too many in our party did, and I’m glad to see people like Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and others embrace them.

Bernie was a breath of fresh air last time around, our only real alternative to a candidate who we never quite trusted and never truly believed in. He was loud, he was angry, but he was in-your-face and scared the daylights out of the Clinton campaign, and that was something desperately needed.

But fast forward three years, and lots of things have changed, things that tell me he has almost zero chance to win the nomination this time around. First of all, and I don’t mean to sound age-ist, but he’ll be 79 years old in 2020. He’s shown no signs of being mentally addled, but isn’t there a point where a person is too old to be President? (All jokes aside, our current President clearly has mental capacity issues).
Second, Bernie is not really a great messenger. He’s older, white and from a state (Vermont) that doesn’t really represent most voters in any way. His personality is quite prickly, and he’s shown lots of times an inability to play well with others.

And third, quite honestly, I feel like we Democrats have much more appealing alternatives this time around, candidates with charisma, personality and the ability to win in states we haven’t been winning in. Harris, Booker, Julian Castro, Sherrod Brown (who hasn’t declared yet but will soon) all strike me as much more electable candidates than Bernie, who will inspire people.

Look, Bernie did some amazing things last time around, and I love that he inspired so much passion among young people, passion I hope sticks around long after he’s gone from the national scene.

And of course he’s free to run this time, it’s a free country. But I think he and his supporters are deluding themselves if they think he’s really got a shot to win.

His shot was 2016. He came closer than anyone thought he might. But it’s time for a new generation of leaders.

I felt the Bern last time. This time I’ve got lots of sunscreen.

**Next up, big “Seinfeld” fans like me, and quite frankly most people who didn’t even watch it like my wife (yeah, I married her anyway) know about the legend of David Puddy, the character who played Elaine’s boyfriend through part of the show.

Puddy, played by Patrick Warburton, is an airhead, mostly devoid of charm, and an enormous fan of the New Jersey Devils hockey fan, which showed itself in a fantastic episode when he painted his face and went nuts for the Devils.

Well, Tuesday night at Prudential Center arena the Devils gave out Puddy bobbleheads, and invited Warburton to help fire up the crowd.

All was going well until he was about to leave the ice… d’oh! At least he seems to have taken it in stride.

Ah, Puddy. So good to see you again.

**Finally today, it’s one of the most special days of the year for me, a day I look forward to for 11 months. That’s right, all the light blue spoons in my kids’ food drawers have been tucked away, the baby blue bibs don’t get used, and don’t even come near me with any light blue clothing they might own; they ain’t wearing it today.

That’s right kids, it’s Duke-UNC day! The greatest rivalry in all of sports resumes tonight, one of two times they play every year (we’ve gotten super lucky the last two years, as they’ve played in the ACC Tournament as well). You can throw out the records, how each team is playing coming in (both are playing superbly right now), and anything else.

It’s just blood and guts, warfare on the hardwood, and I love every freaking minute of it. It’s ridiculous that the first game each year is now so late in the season, but whatever, it just means there’s more buildup.

Tonight at 9, the most special rivalry anywhere resumes. Crazy fact: How close is this rivalry? Check this out: Since the 1949-50 season, UNC has scored 13,581 points against Duke and allowed 13,559. That’s a difference of just 22 points over 179 games, or 0.1 per matchup.

Less than one point per game separates them, for the last 70 years!

Insane. ESPN, tonight at 9. Zion Williamson and R.J. Barrett, Cameron Indoor Stadium, the Heels coming in playing terrific team ball.

The sound you will hear wherever you are is me screaming, throwing pillows and trying not to wake my kids. Then again, it IS a good reason to wake them, I think.

Let’s go Duke. Go to hell Carolina, go to hell (clap clap).
Game on!