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Good News Friday: A Muslim man, a hopeful sign, and hugs galore. A beautiful friendship between a Friends of Jaclyn adoptee and a softball star makes “SportsCenter.” And another beautiful soldier/son reunion.

Happy Friday, world! As you read this I’m either watching an NCAA Tournament game, talking about it with one of my friends, or reading about the NCAA Tournament games played Thursday.

As usual it was a fun day of games Thursday, with no titanic upsets but lots of close calls, including No. 2 seed Michigan State barely escaping No. 15 Bradley, and No. 3 LSU getting scared by those smart kids at Yale.

What happens when there are no big upsets on the first day? Usually it means there’ll be a few on Day 2.

But enough about hoops at the moment, let’s get on to Good News Friday. Three terrific videos to share today.

First, the tragedy in New Zealand was discussed by me on Wednesday, but I want to focus on a much more positive story that came out of this. Well, not even necessarily as a response to the anti-Muslim attack, but just a general message of peace.

This started a few years ago, when a man named Arian Kashef decided to try an experiment, involving hugs and understanding.  He holds a sign that says “I’m a Muslim, not a terrorist. Would you hug me?”

It’s always worthwhile to see, just for the reactions of those he encounters.

Love, not hate.


**Next up today, as you know I can’t get enough of these “surprise military return home” videos, and this one is pretty special.


This week in Lebanon, Tenn., Army Staff Sgt. Rob Cesternino was due to return after a year away in the Middle East.

But he came home a few days early, unbeknownst to his 9-year-old son, Luca.
Rob showed up at Luca’s taekwondo class and started sparring with him, with Luca wearing a blindfold.
Within a few seconds Rob gives himself away, and Luca has an incredible reaction.

I love these videos; this is one of my new favorites.

**And finally today, I’ve written numerous times of my love and support for the Friends of Jaclyn Foundation, an amazing non-profit I’m proud to be a part of. Well, every once in a while our little organization gets some national pub, and I am thrilled to highlight it.

Check out this ESPN “SportsCenter” piece on star Florida State softball player Meghan King, her inspiration in cancer-battler Hayden Stone, and their fabulous friendship.  So sweet…