Words from the steamrolled: A great story on what it’s like to lose to “Jeopardy” James Holzhauer. The most bizarre baseball double play you’ll see this year. And a hockey writer unearths the best NHL team promo ever

I don’t know if you all are as obsessed with “Jeopardy” right now as I am, but it has become must-watch TV, even more than usual, in our house.

Part of it is because James Holzhauer is like Secretariat at the Kentucky Derby (look it up, young’uns), just destroying the competition and making a mockery of Daily Double wagers. After having his closest call yet on Monday night (shout-out to Brandeis sports info director Adam Levin, who lost to James by only $18!), the machine was back in force on Tuesday, obliterating his two foes and racking up more than $96,000 in winnings.

I don’t know if it’s because there’s SO much relentless bad news in America (yet another awful campus shooting Tuesday, at UNC-Charlotte) that something joyous like James breaking records by knowing stuff and being bold about it makes us feel good, but the dude is a phenomenon.

What’s it feel like to be his cannon fodder, I’ve been wondering. Happily, Emily Yahr of the Washington Post has answered that for me, as she interviewed a dozen of the other “Jeopardy” contestants who’ve been mopped up by Holzhauer.

Realize: It’s incredibly difficult to get on “Jeopardy,” you have to be super smart and super lucky, and it’s the dream of a lifetime. Then when you get there, you just get totally crushed.

So many great quotes in there, including this from Lorelle Anderson “My mother said the whole thing was rigged”) or Lewis Black (“Any other day, any other opponent, the results might have been different, but you just happen to get there and run headfirst into a buzzsaw.”)

Really fun story idea, great execution. Hey, at least the losing contestants can say they’re a part of TV history.

**Next up, it takes a lot for me to pay attention to baseball in April, but check out this incredible double play the Oakland Athletics pulled off last week. I can definitely say I’ve never seen anything like this.

That throw from center field… just nuts.

**And finally today, something completely ridiculous for your Wednesday. Outstanding hockey writer for The Athletic, Sean McIndoe, put this in his column the other day and I’ve only watched it 15-16 times.

Around playoff time NHL teams often try to put together happy promo videos to encourage fans to buy tickets, and of course, in the 1980s, just like everything else in that glorious decade, these promos could be incredibly cheesy and unintentionally hilarious.

I give you 30 seconds of high comedy: the 1990 Winnipeg Jets playoff promo (yeah I know it was 1990 but that’s still the ’80s ethos in my book). I don’t know what my favorite part of this is, the whole freaking thing is great.

Remember kids, the sky IS the limit!

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