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Good News Friday: The nice lady who waved at the schoolchildren every day for 12 years gets a beautiful goodbye. A couple that met at an airport baggage claim has their wedding at the same spot. And two dogs, playing with a balloon, just for fun.

And a Happy Friday, peeps! As you read this it’s likely I’m either on my way down to my old stomping grounds, the beautiful state of Delaware, for an unplanned trip (more on that in Monday’s blog) or I’m already there. I hope wherever you are today, you are peaceful, happy, and planning for some fun.

I love all the stories in Good News Friday every week, but this week I feel especially excited to share these three with you.

First up, we go to the great nation of Canada, whose people are a little bummed out these days that once again the Stanley Cup will be going to an American team, not a Canadian team as it should be.

This is such a sweet story, which I saw on the Twitter feed of the great Bruce Arthur: A lady named Tinney Davidson lives in Comox, British Columbia, on Vancouver Island, and her home is located on a route many schoolchildren take on their way to school.

So one day, 12 years ago, Tinney started sitting at her window in the morning and waving to the students, who of course waved back.

A few weeks ago Tinney’s age and physical condition required her to move away, so the students who waved to her all these years gave her a proper sendoff.

Just watch this video, and grab the tissues.

**Next up today, this story made me smile and laugh so much. One of my best friends in the whole world, Kristen, met her husband Mike on a Southwest Airlines flight to Phoenix, when he spotted her at the boarding gate, was instantly smitten, and decided to sit next to her once boarding began.

Ten years and two kids later, they’re still very happy.

Anyway, this “meet cute” story has a similar tone, but an even cooler ending. A couple in Cleveland named Michelle Belleau and Ron Peterson met 12 years ago at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. Michelle was asked by her boss to pick up a client, Ron, who was arriving from L.A.

They met at Southwest Airlines’ baggage Claim station 6, and last week, they got married there.

On the baggage carousel.

Yes, thinking it would be romantic and sweet to say their vows in a place most people stand muttering “Is that my bag???”, Ron and Michelle got it exactly right.

“He said he really wanted to get married at the place we first met,” Michelle said. “I couldn’t think of anything more perfect.”

Save-the-date cards were made to look like Southwest luggage tags (Kristen and Mike did that too), and the airport carousel was designed in Southwest colors for the wedding.

No truth to the rumor that the bridesmaid’s dress was sent to Carousel 3 and the wedding was delayed…

**Finally today, a very short, quick video to send you into the weekend with a smile. From a Twitter user named @stfutony, comes two dogs, with a balloon, having as much fun as they possibly can.

Simple joys in life, they’re the best.