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Good News Friday: Ruby of “Ruby’s Wishes” inspires others to help, awesomely. Philando Castile’s family eliminates even more lunch debt in his honor. And Kris Bryant/adidas make a girl’s day.

And a Happy Friday to all of you out there, and especially to all you amazing mommas celebrating Mother’s Day on Sunday. Hey, without them, none of us would be here, and I happen to know a whole bunch of amazing Moms, not the least of whom is my own, and my beautiful and amazing wife, mother of my two boys. I hope moms everywhere have a great, relaxing and peaceful day Sunday.

One thing I don’t usually do on Good News Friday posts is follow-ups to previous Good News Friday posts, but this week I happened to come across two “updates” to two of my favorite GNF posts of the past, so I definitely wanted to share them.

First of all, do you remember the amazing story of Ruby Chitsey, an 11-year-old girl whose mom works in nursing homes in Arkansas? Ruby loved to go to work with her Mom, and one day she started asking the elderly residents what they’d want if they could have “three wishes.”

Then, Ruby started granting those wishes, and brought so much joy to the older folks by giving them some simple pleasures in life they were craving.

Well, needless to say, Ruby has inspired many people through that story, and this week Steve Hartman of CBS News, who brought us the original piece, provided this great update.

A woman named Rachel Harder teaches 4th grade in Hutchinson, Kan. And after showing her students Ruby’s story a few months ago, the kids were inspired. According to Rachel’s Tweet, they “decided to use their field trip money to buy supplies for our local children’s emergency shelter. Today I took some kids to Walmart to get the donations for kids in our community. They learned a lot about how to shop on a budget (and how expensive living is)!

Harder further explained that instead of a field trip “they made posters, had a fundraiser at school, and then used the money to buy whatever else the shelter needed! Everything was delivered today!”

So, so great. One ripple of kindness leads to another, then another.

**Next up, another beautiful story of a person paying it forward, in honor of someone else. You may remember the tragic shooting, by police, of Philando Castile, a Minnesota school custodian who was killed three years ago during a traffic stop (unfathomably as in most of these cases, the officer was acquitted).

One cause Castile felt strongly about was “lunch-shaming,” the awful practice I’ve written about on this site numerous times, where schools refuse to serve poor kids lunch because their parents hadn’t paid their money owed.

The Philando Castile Relief Foundation has previously erased students’ debt in schools, and now Philando’s mother, Valerie Castile, has given $8,000 to a Minnesota high school to settle school lunch debts. The donation, given on behalf of the Philando Castile Relief Foundation, alleviated the lunch debt at Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope, Minn., for about 100 students.

Philando Castile frequently paid for the lunches of students who owed money or couldn’t afford them. “He understood that the children are the future leaders of this country, and it was his obligation to take care of them best he could, while they were in his company,” Valerie Castile told NPR.

Fabulous job, Mrs. Castile. That’s a wonderful legacy for your son to have: Helping children eat lunch, and preventing them from feeling the shame of poverty.


**And finally today, a story of a star athlete doing well. A hat tip to loyal blog reader Sanford for pointing me toward this.

Chicago Cubs star Kris Bryant and one of his sponsors, adidas, teamed up to make a little girl’s dreams come true. Marie will never forget this day.