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The Bernie Sanders public-access TV show from the ’80s is freaking hilarious. Zion is going to New Orleans after the Draft Lottery, and Knicks fans weep. Bill Nye, Science Guy, finally gets mad, hilariously

There are some people in this world, they change as they get older. Their passions become different, their beliefs and values shift, and maybe even what they look like and sound like are drastically altered, too.

But some of us? Some of us are exactly the same as we always were. You look at that person from 20, 30, 40 years ago, and it’s like they’ve been frozen in time, unmoved or changed by anything.

Bernie Sanders, Democratic Presidential candidate, is one of those latter people. And if you don’t believe me, watch this hilarious segment from Trevor Noah’s “The Daily Show” last week.

Noah got his hands on some truly golden footage; it’s clips from Sanders’ 1980s public access show he hosted when he was mayor Burlington, Vt.

It is Bernie, in all his Bernie glory, acting incredibly serious, having no idea whatsoever how to talk to children, and in one case, befuddling and confusing a group of students with crazy thoughts about stereotypes.

I laughed really, really hard at this, and I have a feeling you will too.

Bernie Sanders will never, ever change.

**Next up, Tuesday night was the NBA Draft lottery, normally a pretty boring affair but not this year, not when Zion Williamson, the most exciting player to come out of college in decades, was the top prize.

My Knicks fan friends were looking forward to this date for months, desperate for any sign of hope that winning the lottery and getting Zion would provide.

But life is cruel to Knicks fans, as once again they were left disappointed. The New Orleans Pelicans, no one’s idea of a marquee franchise, wound up with the winning combination of lottery balls, and now get the chance to draft Zion.

It’s a fascinating outcome, because the Pelicans’ current best player, Anthony Davis, desperately wants to be traded, as he said last season. Would he want to stay if he knew Zion was coming, giving New Orleans a devastating forward combo? Or would the Pelicans still trade Davis and get back a Top 5 pick in return, teaming Zion with another stud and setting them up for a great future?

Lotta interesting things could happen there. I’m just happy my Duke man Zion won’t end up on the Knicks; only bad things could’ve happened to him then.

**And finally today, the great John Oliver did a segment on climate change on his show this week, and while the whole thing was great, this ending piece is truly classic.

Bill Nye the Science Guy lets loose with some real talk, some real R-rated talk, on what’s going on with the planet. It’s hilarious and oh so true.

You go, Bill Nye.