Kevin Who? The NBA’s current dynasty proves it never needed Durant. Leslie Jones sets the screen on fire on “SNL” talking about Alabama’s abortion laws. And my 4-year-old and I spend a strange night at the sleep clinic

Hey, remember the Golden State Warriors used to have a tall, lanky, pretty amazing power forward who was maybe the second-best player in the whole NBA?

No. 35, played at University of Texas for a year, and then Oklahoma City? Kevin, something or other?

I ask because it seems like the Warriors don’t miss their superstar much at all, and they don’t even need him as they appear to be cruising to a third straight championship.

The Warriors, who won a title without Durant four years ago and barely lost one a year later, then won the last two with him, have been playing their best ball of the season in the last two weeks without the incredibly talented, yet equally incredibly thin-skinned, Durant.

They finished off the Houston Rockets with Durant on the sidelines with an injured calf, and are now taking apart the Portland Trail Blazers, winning the first three games of the Western Conference Finals.

Hey this just in: The Warriors were amazing before Durant signed with them three years ago. He joined their existing dynasty, as guys like Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, Draymond Green and Andre Iguadola were already stars who knew how to win.

Are Durant’s two titles meaningless to his legacy, because he was already on a team of stars? Of course not. Guy is still an amazing player, and the two-time Finals MVP.

But it does expose the truth, that the Warriors never needed him, it was he who needed them for validation.

And now he’ll be leaving as a free agent in a few months, off to try to finally lead his own team to glory.

I’m not optimistic about his chances.

**Next up today, you may have heard the news last week that in Alabama and Georgia, truly heinous laws were passed criminalizing abortion in almost all cases. I could go on about this disgusting continuation on the war on women and choice for thousands of angry words, but instead I’ll let Miss Leslie Jones of “Saturday Night Live” say it far better than I could.

“I don’t know if you all heard, but women are the same as humans!”

This is fantastic.

**Finally tonight, how’d you spend Saturday night? I’m pretty sure mine was nothing like yours; me and my 4.5 year old son (he always includes the half when he tells his age to people, so I suppose I should too) were at a pediatric sleep disorder clinic, undergoing his first (and I hope last) pediatric sleep study.

For 11 hours Saturday night/Sunday morning, my little 40-pound bundle of joy looked a hell of lot like the dude in that picture above, with wires, electrodes and stickies all over his little body, as we and his ENT doctor tried to get a handle on his sleeping problems.

Quick background: For most of his life, Nate’s been a poor sleeper; never getting enough rest at night, constantly in different positions in bed trying to breathe better, so often stuffed up in the nose, and still taking car naps even at almost 5, which the pediatrician says is very unusual.

So we went to an ENT, who said his adnoids and tonsils are enormous, and that he may have sleep apnea. Only way to tell is to do a sleep study, and as she explained it to me and I later researched, it sounded like my little man’s worst nightmare.

This is a kid who doesn’t even like putting on nametag stickers or museum stickers, and he was going to have to have wires and tape and a whole bunch of mess hooked up to him and machines, while he sleeps in a strange bed with Daddy lying a few feet away?

I had been dreading Saturday night for weeks, even though I kept billing it to Nate as “a fun Daddy/Nate sleepover party”) and promised him nothing they did would hurt.

I had talked to the sleep clinic people about what would happen if he threw the expected tantrum and refused to wear all this stuff, etc.

I prepared for the worst.

Instead, I got the absolute freaking best. My offspring Nate was so, so calm about the whole thing. Darrell, our sleep tech, was amazing, calmly explaining to Nate what he was doing, making jokes with him, and even letting Nate plug in all the wires to their corresponding color slots on the machine. For 45 minutes Darrell attached stuff to my kid who doesn’t even like wearing art smocks because they feel different, and Nate was completely, unbelievably calm. Seriously, he looked like Robot Johnny 5 in “Short Circuit,” and I heard not one word of complaint.

I was stunned.

The whole night went as well as could possibly be expected; sure Nate woke a few times with all this crap attached to him, and a few times in his sleep he accidentally knocked a wire or two out, sending Darrell back into the room.

But he slept almost nine hours with all the stuff on, and now in two weeks we’ll get the results.

I was so, so proud of my kid.

2 responses to “Kevin Who? The NBA’s current dynasty proves it never needed Durant. Leslie Jones sets the screen on fire on “SNL” talking about Alabama’s abortion laws. And my 4-year-old and I spend a strange night at the sleep clinic

  1. I think I heard that when Durant has been out the Warriors have lost only one game. Hope things work out ok with Nate.

  2. Never underestimate the power of a soothing voice explaining everything. Go Nate! Remind me to tell you again how his mother allowed an oral surgeon to stitch up her tongue when she was exactly his age.

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