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Good News Friday: Texas makes a long-overdue good decision on backlog of rape kits. A French tennis star and his son have a beautiful moment. And a Normandy survivor gets a wonderful return visit

And a Happy Friday to you all, summer seems pretty much here and I’m thrilled. The Lewis clan is headed to Philadelphia this weekend, which means I get to return to a city I love and have visited many times, with a trip to the awesome sports throwback jersey store Mitchell and Ness for sure on my agenda.

Let’s start Good News Friday this week in a place whose government I rarely highlight for doing something good, the enormous state of Texas (home of the great Jock Jeffcoat, a phenomenal character on “Billions” the last few seasons. Man, Jock is one hell of an a-hole on that show, but so much fun to watch.)

Anyway, it’s rare for me to commend Texas Governor Greg Abbott (or any of his recent predecessors) but he and the Texas Legislature deserve major kudos for what they did this week, singing legislation that will end a backlog of rape kit tests that have been sitting on shelves for decades.

This is an issue that I’ve written about previously, and how there are thousands of rape cases in this country that have gone unsolved because the collected rape kits from the victim have simply never been tested.

Thankfully the tide is turning, and more and more jurisdictions are making laws that will allow old kits to be tested. This Texas

There are certain issues that are just Texas issues. One is public safety,” Abbott said. “It doesn’t matter what political party, what race, what geography you come from. Everybody wants justice, everybody wants safety.”

The bill requires an audit of untested kits, establishes timelines for results to be submitted and extends the statute of limitations for related crimes.

This is hugely important. Victims of sexual assault don’t come forward for many reasons, one of them being they often feel they’ll never, ever get justcice


**Next up today, the French Open continues today with an incredible lineup of men’s semifinals, and a very surprising lineup of women’s semis (go Roger! By the time you read this he’s probably either won or lost against Rafael Nadal), but one of the most beautiful moments of the tournament happened a few days ago, when Frenchman Nicolas Mahut lost a third-round match to Leo Meyer.

Mahut’s son, Nathaniel, who last year scampered onto the court to congratulate Dad after Nicolas won the men’s doubles title, this year was a wonderful consolation guy, running onto the clay to comfort his father, who’d just lost. Look at how emotional even Mahut’s opponent, Mayer, got.

Just a beautiful moment.

**And finally today, you probably heard that Thursday was the 75th anniversary of the Allies’ invasion of Normandy, France during World War II. There were tributes, moving ceremonies, and all of it is extremely warranted.

Here’s a nice little moment from CBS News, with the story of a 94-year-old Normandy veteran named Joseph Morettini, who was involved in the Normandy attack and was headed back from his Pennsylvania home.

Well, local people found out about it and gave Joseph and wonderful sendoff.

Thank you, Greatest Generation. For everything.