Daily Archives: June 10, 2019

The NHL team that’s waited 51 years for a Stanley Cup has to wait a few more days. A band in a mall plays the perfect song at the perfect time, hilariously. And Rafael Nadal is the king of Paris for an unfathomable 12th time

Happy Monday, y’all. Yours truly and the fam have just returned from a wedding weekend in the wonderful city of Philadelphia, which has given us Rocky Balboa, Boyz II Men, and a cracked Bell. As always in Philly, I had a great time, I was reminded that Reading Terminal Market will likely send me into a food coma one day (but it’ll be a happy coma), and I can’t wait to go back again.

I came home Sunday night hoping to watch a sports coronation, as the St. Louis Blues, and their Laura Branigan-loving fans, led the Boston Bruins 3-2 in the Stanley Cup Finals. If the Blues won Sunday night, they’d win their first-ever Cup, crushing a 49-year streak of futility and failing in big moments.

But of course, because that futile history was well-earned, nothing could come easy. Jon Hamm’s favorite team fell behind 1-0 early, fought desperately for two periods to tie the score and came damn close, before falling apart in the third to lose, 5-1.

Really sucked to watch hope fade away in the third; as a fan of underdog teams who’ve tortured their fans for decades (as a Jets and Rangers fan I always empathize with them).

Now, though, they get one more shot, Wednesday night, in the most delicious two-word phrase in all of sports: Game 7.

Gonna be a looonnng few days of waiting. Might want to play some “Gloria” in the interim.

**Next up today, this was just about the most perfect thing I’ve seen in a long time. So a shopping mall in Guadalajara, Mexico flooded over the weekend, and there was a band playing on a small stage at the time.

And as the water poured in, the musicians immediately started playing… the theme from the movie “Titanic.”

So freaking awesome. Also, major props to the lady at the end with the bucket, that’s probably not gonna get it done but that’s A-plus effort right there!

**And finally today, it’s time for the annual early-June “how freaking amazing is Rafael Nadal???” after he’s won yet another French Open title.

If you’re scoring at home, that’s an even DOZEN Roland Garros title for the all-time legend, and this time he had to go through an easy draw until the semis, when he straight-setted the legend Roger Federer, then beat an outstanding Dominic Thiem in the final on Sunday. Thiem, who thanks to the weather and terrible scheduling by the French Open organizers, had to play four consecutive days at the end of the tournament and was clearly out of gas by the end on Sunday.

But what a fight he put up for two sets before wilting; he’s definitely a future Roland Garros champ.

As for Nadal, I mean what else can you say? His match against Federer Friday, in incredibly gusty conditions, was a clinic.

Nadal is superhuman on clay, and now has 18 Grand Slam titles, just two behind Fed. He will keep on winning Roland Garros as long as he wants to and as long as his body allows.
Only two behind Fed in the Slam count. Oh, the footsteps are getting louder.