A Democratic billionaire enters the Presidential race, to pad his massive ego. Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special looks fantastic. And a high school principal isn’t sure the Holocaust is a “fact”

Hi everyone. Repeating this from Monday’s post: Just wanted to let you know about something special/different I’m going to be doing in this space next week: July 11th will be the 10-year anniversary of my blog’s existence, so to celebrate, for five days next week I’m going to be re-running some of my most popular posts I’ve ever written at Wide World of Stuff, and some that meant the most to me personally.
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There is so much about politics that often really IS about some greater good.

I am, of course, a cockeyed optimist, but I really do believe that many politicians get into public service because they want to help people make their lives better. Maybe it’s an issue that’s got the politician fired up, or a personal story that motivates them, but whatever it is, I honestly believe many (certainly not all) politicians have some degree of selflessness in their hearts, and that’s why they do it (it’s certainly not for the money).

But then there are the others, the ones who just live to see their name in headlines, on covers of magazines and splashed across TV screens. People who just constantly need to see the glorification of their massive ego happen every day, and always, always feel important.

These are the millionaires and billionaires who decide that, you know what, I’m gonna run for President! Because I can! One of these men, you may be aware, is currently President of the United States, frighteningly enough.

In the Democratic primary field right now, we have two dozen candidates. Candidates of all shapes and sizes, color and religion, gender and background. But you know what we didn’t have, and literally NO ONE was asking for?

A billionaire old white dude in the race.

Well my friends, that void has been filled! Tuesday Tom Steyer, who has more money than God and has been a huge supporter of liberal causes in the past, announced he’s running for President. And he’s prepared to spend $100 million of his own money to do it.

Now, Steyer has as much chance of winning the primary as I do of being a Chippendale’s dancer. But hey, he’s rich, he’s desperate to be more famous, so why not?

His issues are all being talked about, by people like Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, Jay Inslee and others. There is zero appetite in the Democratic voter base for a wealthy person who has no clue what the average citizen goes through economically, but here comes Tom Steyer, to run a million ads and be all over your TV.

Do I think he’ll hurt Warren or Sanders or any other candidates’ chances? No. But this “run” of his is so, so clearly about ego. And a man with his money, who has done much good in the past, could do a whole lot more good by supporting Democratic candidates (like Amy McGrath in Kentucky, who’s going to hopefully kick McConnell’s ass) then glorifying his own ego.

I hope you enjoy throwing your money down the drain, Mr. Steyer.

**Next up, I’m a big fan of comedian Aziz Ansari, especially since the first two seasons of his Netflix show “Master of None” were so mind-blowingly original and good. Ansari, who was sorta, kinda ensnared in the #MeToo movement when an anonymous woman wrote a web article claiming Ansari pressured her into sex, addresses that in his new standup special.

I haven’t seen a clip of that segment yet, but this trailer was on Twitter this week and it made me laugh pretty hard. “Really, what happened to that 12 percent?”

I will definitely be watching this.

**Finally today, let’s go down to Florida for yet another segment of “How in the world did this guy EVER get allowed to be a high school principal?”

Meet William Latson, the principal of Spanish River High School in Boca Raton. Seems Mr. Latson was asked by the parent of a student last year how the Holocaust was going to be taught in the school.

He wrote in an email exchange with the parent concerned over Holocaust education that he aims to stay “politically neutral” when it comes to the genocide of six million Jews. “I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event because I am not in a position to do so as a school district employee,” he wrote. “Not everyone believes the Holocaust happened.”

“I do allow information about the Holocaust to be presented and allow students and parents to make decisions about it accordingly. I do the same with information about slavery,” he continued.

I can’t say the Holocaust is a factual, historical event. Wow. I mean, wow, wow, wow. Also, that he compares it to how he treats slavery makes me immediately say, “Wait, he’s not sure SLAVERY was a factual, historical event? All that stuff about black people being forced to work for no pay for white masters, that’s just a theory? Huh. So glad we cleared that up, that changes my WHOLE outlook on life and history.

Mr. Latson has been fired. I mean, are you freaking kidding me, that he was in charge of a school in the first place???


One response to “A Democratic billionaire enters the Presidential race, to pad his massive ego. Aziz Ansari’s new Netflix special looks fantastic. And a high school principal isn’t sure the Holocaust is a “fact”

  1. Loved it. Laughed, I needed that, thank-you. You can’t fix stupid. Honestly, at first I thought it was The Onion. No educator can be that stupid. hugs to all

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