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Pampers invents a “smart diaper” and OMG I want one for my kid. A bird flies into a woman while riding a roller coaster, and she loved it. And thoughts on the first night of the next Democratic Debates

After nearly five years of being a parent, there are few things I hate more than smelling a stinky diaper.

I loathe it with every fiber of my being. I understand it’s part of the job I signed on for, I get that eventually I’ll actually, allegedly, miss the days when I changed my two son’s green/brown/black/occasionally yellow refuse, but for now I just hate it. And I hate the smell of our little guy’s room after he’s pooped, I just never have gotten used to it.

But what I hate maybe the most in the process is the “not knowing.” It’s the leaning in to their tush and then WHOA, yep, there’s some toxic waste in there.

Well my friends, thanks to the fine folks at Pampers, that yucky surprise may be a thing of the past. They’re giving the world the Smart Diaper, called the Lumi, which contains sensors in the diaper that alert the parents’ phone when a No. 2 or a No.1 has been recorded.

It’s all part of a video monitoring package, this Lumi thing, according to this story:

“In a box delivered to parents’ doorsteps, they will find two activity sensors and a video monitor plus, according to CNN, a 10-day supply of diapers featuring an area at the front for the activity sensor to affix to.

The small sensor will automatically track baby’s sleep habits (which you can also enter manually, alongside feeding sessions and milestones) and tell parents, via the Lumi app, when their bundle of joy’s diaper is wet or dirty.

I want this. Like, now.

Is it wildly unnecessary and probably overpriced? Sure. But you can’t put a price on not having to smell your kid’s butt three or four times a day.

Bless you, Pampers. Bless you.

**Next up today, this woman in Australia was having a great time on a roller-coaster. Then a bird smacked her in the face, and she had an even BETTER time.

Seriously, this is awesome, especially the slo-mo.

And finally, Tuesday night was Night 1 of the second set of Democratic primary debates, and while it clearly dragged on too long (I don’t think we need three hours of these things), it was entertaining to political junkies like me. Some thoughts on the opening of Act 2:

— I for one was very excited to see Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren on the stage together, finally. The two most progressive candidates in the race had a chance to go toe-to-toe on their differences and policy ideas. As it turned out Tuesday night, they barely argued or confronted one another, which was disappointing.

–Elizabeth Warren was ON FIRE Tuesday night. I thought Mayor Pete was very strong, Beto was invisible, and Bernie did much better than in the first debate.

But Elizabeth made me swoon, many times. Such a hard choice I’m having between her, Booker and Harris right now. But when Elizabeth says this… how can I not love her?

“Democrats win when we figure out what is right, and we get out there and fight for it. I am not afraid.”

I’ll buy that T-shirt and a hundred more.

— This format was awful, as were the moderators.  The idea that John Delaney, a loony ex-Congressman, gets WAY more talking time than a serious, legit candidate like Amy Klobuchar is ridiculous. Who does Delaney have compromising photos of at CNN to get SO much talking time?

— And how about the constant interruptions by the moderators Jake Tapper and Dana Bash? Ezra Klein on Twitter said it best: “How will you address hospital pricing in America? Senator Warren, you have 6.5 seconds. Mayor Buttigieg, a 2.7 second rebuttal, please.”

— I thought Steve Bullock, the governor from Montana, did well. I’d like to hear more from him.

— Can someone explain to me why, with SO many big issues facing America, the moderators chose to spend 30-plus minutes of the debate just talking health care? Look, health care is very important, but there are so many other things worth discussing among potential Presidents.

— Finally, Marianne Williamson is nutty but quite entertaining. She’s going to end up giving a speech at the 2020 convention that will be must-see TV.

— Tonight we get Biden, Kamala Harris, Cory Booker and Julian Castro, among others, up on the stage. Let’s see if Biden does better this time, or if his lead continues to shrink in the polls.