Good News Friday: A hero of the El Paso shooting saved lives.”Field of Dreams” site to host an MLB game, and that’s awesome. And a tennis star plays ping-pong with kids for an hour

And a Happy Friday, my fellow Earthlings (isn’t that what Mork used to call people on “Mork and Mindy?” Yes, I’m old.)

Hope you all are having a delightful August Friday, we are a mere two weeks away from the start of the U.S. Open, so I’m incredibly excited.

Lots of good stuff to tell you about this week, first a story from the horrific El Paso mass shooting tragedy. Even in such horrible scenes, there are moments of positivity and kindness, and this is one of them.

Meet Pfc. Glendon Oakley Jr., an off-duty soldier who was in the Walmart in El Paso where a gunman slaughtered 22 innocent people.

According to reports at the scene, Oakley scooped up children inside the store and carried them to safety.
Oakley sprang into action after a child ran up to him and said there was someone shooting at the Walmart next to the mall where he was shopping.

“I walked to Foot Locker and heard two gunshots and a whole bunch of people running around, screaming,” he said.

That’s when Oakley bolted outside to the parking lot.
“I see a whole bunch of kids … running around without their parents. The only thing I can think of is to pick up as many kids as I can,” he said. “I was just focused on the kids. I wasn’t worried about myself.”

The 22-year-old private first class had returned recently from a deployment in Kuwait,

“What I did was what I was supposed to do, and I understand it was heroic and I’m looked at as a hero for it, but that wasn’t the reason for me …” Oakley Jr. told reporters Sunday as he broke into tears. “I’m just focused on the kids that I could not get and the families that were lost.”

True courage, in the face of a gunman.

***Next up, this was such a fabulous, happy surprise for me on Thursday: As I’ve stated on this site many times, “Field of Dreams” is my all-time favorite film. And my pilgrimage, with my Dad, to Dyersville, Iowa to see the actual site on which the movie was filmed was one of the highlights of my life.

Thursday, Major League Baseball announced that next Aug. 13, the White Sox and Yankees will play an actual MLB game at the “Field of Dreams” field.

A temporary, 8,000-seat ballpark will be constructed, right next to the legendary field.

This is incredibly exciting and cool. Now having been there, I have many logistical questions, including, how in the world is that one tiny road that leads to the field going to handle the traffic?

But who cares, that’s a question for another day. Right now, the idea that a real, live MLB game will be played there? So, so cool.

And it gives me another excuse to run the James Earl Jones speech from the movie. Chills, every time…

**And finally today, tennis star Nick Kyrgios is the most polarizing player in the sport. Many fans hate him, because he tanks (loses on purpose) sets and often fails to even try, and because his on-court behavior is often atrocious and rude. Other fans love him, because he’s highly entertaining on and off the court, a breath of fresh air, and he attracts non-tennis fans to watch.

Me? I love him and hate him often at the same time. He’s very difficult to stay mad at when he does stuff like this, though: While in Washington D.C. last week for a tournament, he spent an hour playing ping-pong with local kids, having the time of his life.

He Tweeted it was “the best part about tournaments,” getting to interact with kids.
Well done, Nick. Oh, and the table tennis prep must’ve helped, Kyrgios went on to win the whole tennis tournament in D.C.

One response to “Good News Friday: A hero of the El Paso shooting saved lives.”Field of Dreams” site to host an MLB game, and that’s awesome. And a tennis star plays ping-pong with kids for an hour

  1. As for your being old, no you are not. I am old. If I had married in my 20’s I could have a kid that is your age. As it is my oldest is 36. I saw the interview with Oakley fairly soon after the shooting happened. I am sure this was from Fox news or a conservative comment that he was carrying a concealed weapon. That is all these people think about instead of the fact that he he got all those kids out of possible harms way. And of course Trump made a photo op after going to Dayton and El Paso.

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