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Good News Friday: A struggling Orioles slugger gets an amazing lift from a 9-year-old Red Sox fan. An Indiana girl makes pillows for cancer patients. And Yasiel Puig flies to upstate N.Y. to cheer up kids with cancer

Oh baby, is your blogger in a great mood on this Friday! I’ve been out at the U.S. Open qualifying tournament the last few days, and as always I’ve been having a blast.
Next week will mark my sixth straight year covering the best event in sports as a freelancer, and I am so, so pumped, as I always am. Great tennis, the weather is supposed to be MUCH more mild than last year’s sauna-like temps, and I’m a happy fella. (Now if we could just get our 21-month old to sleep past 6:15. Ah, dreams.)

I so love every one of these Good News Friday items this week. But this first one… man, get the Kleenex out right now. This absolutely made my heart sing.

So Chris Davis is a player for the Baltimore Orioles. Once, Davis was a superstar. Now, he’s probably one of the 10 worst players in the majors, and earlier this season he underwent a horrific 0-for-54 batting slump.

In the middle of that awful slump, Davis got a letter from a 9-year-old boy. And then, just watch what happened.

I was deeply, deeply moved by the compassion here. Such a great young man!

**Next up today, meet an Indiana third grader named Abbi Zamani. Her mom is suffering from cancer, and Abbi decided she wanted to try to do something to lift the spirits of people who are fighting this terrible disease.

From this story on MSN.com: “So together with her grandmother, the third-grader hand-sews colorful pillows for patients at Hux Cancer Center in Terre Haute, Indiana, WTHI reported.

“I just like all the pillows because it reminds me that everyone needs to be comfortable,” Abbi told WTHI. “I like to let people know that I love them and that they can fight cancer.”

Abbi drops the pillows off at the hospital herself, and patients can choose one on their way into the infusion room, where they undergo chemotherapy.

So far, Abbi and her grandma have sewn 50 pillows, but their goal is to double that number.

Amanda Mouck, a registered nurse at the hospital, said patients now bring their pillows in with them to each treatment.

“It melts your heart,” Mouck told WTHI. “Especially someone so young who has so much kindness and empathy and compassion in their heart, and wanting to take her time to make these for the patients.”

Way to go, Abbi. So much compassion, and so much heart, from a little girl.

**And finally today, with so much controversy and turmoil surrounding America, Jews, and our idiotic President, I thought this was a nice antidote story.

Yasiel Puig, a standout for the Cincinnati Reds, had a unique off-day recently in New York. He decided to take a helicopter ride to upstate New York, to visit  Camp Simcha, a Jewish camp for kids with cancer and other blood disorders.

Puig called it “one of the best days of my life.”

According to this story, Puig spent about four hours touring the camp, signing autographs, dancing, playing baseball and posing for photos with campers. When he first arrived, Puig said he was energized by the children and staff there.

“It was so much fun,” Puig said. “There was a lot of energy and happiness. A lot of kids were smiling and dancing for four hours. It was one of the most amazing moments in my life. To go to that camp and see so many kids happy, that made me excited and that is how I want to spend my life.”

Phenomenal. He made a new fan in me. L’Chaim, Yasiel!