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Good News Friday: Two sisters read bedtime stories to kids on the Internet. A new ESPN commercial really moves me. And Marvin Gaye, stripped down vocals, is amazing to hear


And a Happy Friday, the first weekend of September is here, I’m wearing pants during the day for the first time in months as there’s a little chill in the air here in New York (don’t worry, I wasn’t walking around in my underwear all summer, I just meant I’m not wearing shorts today. Now that we’ve cleared that up…).

School has started for all of us now, so I wanted to start Good News Friday with a great educational idea I read about this week on Upworthy.com. From a recent story:

“Every week, 13-year-old Zaria Willard and her 8-year-old sister Hailey visit their local library to pick out a selection of books to read on social media. The girls then take turns recording their Facebook Live readings every night of the work week.

The Delaware girls have been sharing their daily bedtime stories on their Zaria x Hailey Facebook page since March—and they have already garnered over 10,000 fans.”

“We are already reading each night, but we thought it may be beneficial for children who don’t get this luxury,” wrote the sisters. “Parents sometimes work late or are too tired for stories [so] we are not only helping children, we are giving parents a nice break after a long day of work.

“We presented the idea to my mom and she agreed it would be great. She personally doesn’t want us to be on social media but we all agreed being on it in a positive way would help light the world.”

Very, very cool idea. So many parents working long hours don’t get a chance to read to their kids, so every little bit helps. Here’s the link again, check them out.

**Next up today, I admit I’m very much a sucker for inspirational sports commercials, but this new one from ESPN, called “There’s No Place Like Sports,” gave me ALL the feels.

I’ve seen it quite a few times since the U.S. Open started, and it gets me every time.
Just beautiful.

**And finally, speaking of beautiful and exquisite things, here’s a little something to take you into the weekend. I saw this on Twitter yesterday and it was, of course, fantastic. The late, great, Marvin Gaye, singing “Heard it Through the Grapevine” without the music and backing vocals.

Not since Whitney Houston’s stripped-down singing have i heard something so incredible, vocally.