Mitt Romney is going to help us get rid of Trump? Color me skeptical. Ellen DeGeneres explains her hangout with George W. Bush. And a 9-year-old wins a 10K race he wasn’t even running in.

So if you’re like me, most of the news coming out of Washington these days just comes in waves and waves, and you drown trying to keep up with all of it.

Honestly, I just can’t follow and keep track of all the ways this President and his administration have broken the law and committed impeachable offense, all the ways he’s refusing to comply with the law when it comes to the impeachment investigation, and all the ways he’s proving himself to be an incredible moron (just Tuesday, a day after his Syria troops decision pissed off nearly everyone in both parties, I read about him saying that if Turkey doesn’t do what the U.S. wants, he’ll destroy its economy, and him insulting military veterans by insinuating those who suffer from PTSD aren’t tough enough.  I wish I was making any of this up.)

I’m trying not to get so crazy with the minute-by-minute stuff, and focus on the big picture. That big picture is that what once seemed absolutely, positively unthinkable (the Senate convicting Donald Trump and removing him from office) is now just unlikely, and not crazy to consider.

It’s not going to happen, I don’t think, but every day this guy does more and more stupid things and angers more and more of his Republicans, and his behavior becomes more and more indefensible, that I no longer think it’s a pie in the sky pipe dream. Unlikely, but not impossible.

And if it does happen, many people these days seem to think Willard “Mitt” Romney is going to be the brave Republican Senator who leads the way.

Yep, in story after story like this excellent piece in Vanity Fair, Mitt, who’s never been a fan of Donald Trump (and the feeling seems mutual) is reaching out to other moderate GOP Senators who also hate Trump, like Cory Gardner, Susan Collins and Ben Sasse, and quietly laying the groundwork for them to support impeachment.

The thinking goes that Romney, a man of principle and a “real” Republican, has finally had enough of Trump, and has the backbone to lead the party against him.

Color me highly skeptical. I haven’t ever thought much of Romney, who always struck me as an empty suit willing to say anything and everything to please people. His 2012 run for President was a disaster, as he proved time and again to have  no charisma, no intelligent ideas or policies. He was a moderate Republican governor in Massachussetts, then suddenly became a far-right Presidential candidate, before trying to have it both ways in the general.

So the idea that Mitt is going to make a principled stand for all that is right and good about America and its values, and inspire others to come forward and defend America against this raging madman who was elected President… I would be highly, highly surprised.

But maybe I’m wrong. My smart friend Dave thinks Romney is no more or less insincere or phony than most politicians, and that after he has spent his entire life avoiding major decisions and stands on issues, he may finally have matured and is now ready to be a leader of the resistance on the right against Trump.

I’d love to see it. Romney’s Senate seat in Utah was just won in 2018, so it’s not like he’d be primaried for a long time.

Maybe, finally, it’s Mitt’s time to step into the light.

**Next up today, I’m honestly not sure how I feel about this little video, in which Ellen DeGeneres stars. DeGeneres, who I adore for many reasons, not to mention her bravery in coming out in Hollywood in the 1990s when it absolutely hurt her career, caused a bit of a kerfuffle on the InterWebs on Sunday and Monday.

DeGeneres was invited to go to a Dallas Cowboys game by Charlotte Jones, daughter of owner Jerry Jones. So DeGeneres and wife Portia went to the game and as you might expect, sat in the owner’s suite where many other famous and rich people sat.

Including the 43rd President of the United States, George W. Bush.  And video emerged during the game of Bush and DeGeneres sharing a laugh.

So this set off some mild outrage (is that an oxymoron? Discuss) because W. and his administration, in addition to committing war crimes during the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq regarding torture, were notoriously unfriendly to LGBTQ people and their rights.

Anyway, DeGeneres used her daily “Ellen” TV show Tuesday to discuss the controversy, and I thought it was interesting. While I agree that she’s right that of course you can share friendships with people of different views, Bush was a pretty powerful person who did some very bad things.

Like I said, I’m not sure how I feel about what DeGeneres did, but it’s interesting.

**Finally today, this story cracked me up, as it’s alternately bizarre and sweet. A 9-year-old boy in Minnesota named Kade Lovell was scheduled to run a 5K race two weeks ago, the St. Francis Fanny Flyer 5K.

During the race, though, Kade took a wrong turn, and accidentally veered onto the course for the 10K race, also being run at the time.
Kade then WON the 10K race, beating the second-place finisher, a 40-year-old, by almost a minute.

His Mom, Heather, spoke to Runner’s World magazine about when she realized something was wrong, as she waited for Kade to finish the 5K.

“I ran to the finish line (of the 5K race) and found the coordinators and said someone needs to find him,” Heather said. “I’m freaking out, I’m crying, I’m flustered, and no one really knows what to do. A fireman is getting ready to search the course when I get a call my brother-in-law, who tells me there is a cute little kid in a red shirt running the 10K.”

Hilarious. Sometimes a wrong turn can be a good thing!


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