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College hoops is back! And I got to watch Duke-Kansas live at MSG. A hilarious play-by-play of a cat running across a football field. And Kate McKinnon kills it as Elizabeth Warren

Daylight Savings Time has destroyed my life this week (seriously, whoever invented it never had young children, my little guy has been up before six every day), but I got through the bleary-eyed days because I knew Tuesday night, my happy time was beginning.

College basketball is back! Yes indeedy, the time of year where future millionaires play other future millionaires while not earning a dime for their efforts for the labor they’re currently putting in.

I was lucky enough to be at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night, covering Duke vs Kansas (my story on the game is here), and of course the atmosphere was awesome. It was a doubleheader, with Kentucky-Michigan State the second game, and man it was weird for Duke to be on the “undercard.”

The atmosphere, with 19,000-plus fans packed into MSG, was great, and while it was unusual for Duke to feel like the road team in New York, the reality is that when three non-Duke fanbases are in the building, the only thing they’re going to agree on is that they hate the Blue Devils.

Couple quick thoughts from the first college basketball game of the year:

— The film of this game will not be going to the Basketball Hall of Fame in Springfield, Mass. Sloppy, ragged but exciting game.

— Duke’s offense is… a work in progress. No Zion, no R.J. Barrett or Jayson Tatum or Marvin Bagley on this year’s team. Lots of potential scorers, but no alpha guy who you know can get you a bucket when you need it. Tuesday night was very ugly at times on offense for the Devils.

— Kansas made 18 first-half turnovers. EIGHTEEN! That’s almost one a minute. Hard to do.

— So this is something I’ve never seen at a sporting event: A few seconds after play resumed following a timeout in the first half, the referees blew their whistle and stopped the game. I had no idea why. Then I saw an official walk to center court and pick up a plastic wiffle ball bat that was lying on the court.

It had apparently been left there accidentally by the promotions folks running a Dizzy Bat race during the previous timeout. Bizarre but scary.

— To be fair, both teams played extremely ragged ball. It looked like the first game of the season, with most of the freshmen on both teams playing way too fast.

Great that Duke got the win, but it’s got a lot of work to do to be a great team.

So happy November’s here and college hoops are back.

**Next up today, sometimes these fantastic videos need very little introduction.
Here, I give you NFL broadcaster Kevin Harlan narrating a black cat that ran across the field during the Dallas Cowboys-New York Giants Monday Night football game. Pure brilliance, including how he works in a sponsor plug.

**Finally today, Tuesday was Election Day, and while it was mostly state and local races being contested, there were still some interesting results. In Kentucky, ??? in the governor’s race, and the Virginia legislature had a chance to flip from Red to blue.

Of course, the truly monumental election in this country happens a year from now, and in that vein, I very much enjoyed Kate McKinnon as Elizabeth Warren from “Saturday Night Live” last weekend. McKinnon, as others have stated before, is amazing in her ability to inhabit the characteristics and traits of everyone she plays.

Here, she nails Warren’s mannerisms and speech patterns just perfectly. Kate is a national treasure, can we please give this woman some Emmys please?