Good News Friday: A 6-year-old autistic boy finds joy in an American flag, and a neighbor’s kindness. An adorable video of an adopted toddler talking about when she met her parents. And a 96-year-old veteran plays the national anthem on a harmonica

And a Happy Friday, my peeps. We’re in mid-November, I can taste the cranberry sauce and the stuffing already as Thanksgiving creeps ever closer, and I can’t wait for the next installment of the new hit TV show “Watch Republican Congressmen vehemently deny President Trump did anything wrong, ever!”

Lots of good stuff this week that made me smile, including “Sesame Street” turning 50 years old and releasing a new Dave Grohl/Muppets duet that you need to see, and this hilarious video of a toddler telling his parents what he did on the potty (“I didn’t poop, I peed!” has become a catchphrase around our house this week).

But these three things made me smile the most. First off, it’s a double shot of Steve Hartman on the blog this week, after Monday’s Veteran’s Day story.

This one brings the beautiful tale of 6-year-old Finn Daly, of West Hartford, Conn. Finn has Down’s Syndrome and is autistic, so of course life is extremely challenging for him.

But one thing Finn loves more than anything is watching the American flag, blowing in the breeze. He can watch it for hours, his parents say, and it brings him contentment and joy.

A neighbor noticed, and, well, grab the tissues and watch this story.

Such a simple, kind gesture from one neighbor to another.

**Next up today, check out 96-year-old World War II veteran Pete DuPre playing the national anthem at a Knicks game on Veterans Day, on his harmonica.

Just simple, sweet and beautiful. Wonderful rendition from a man who has lived nearly a century, and still can play a mean harmonica.

**And finally today, from comes this video of a little girl named Gabby, a toddler in Dallas, Texas, talking to her Mom about how she felt and what she remembers about the day she was adopted.

When she talks about what happened to her heart when she met her new Mom and Dad, well… it’s enough to make any human tear up.

Adoption really is a wonderful, wonderful thing. Just listen to Gabby.

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