Good News Friday: A waitress with a 14-mile commute on foot gets gifted a new car. The guy whose layup beat Duke is a Bahamian whose family lost everything. Now they’re getting it back. And a heartwarming before and after “Sesame Street” video will make you smile.

And a Happy Friday, and congrats for surviving Thanksgiving with your family! I had a wonderful Turkey day with my in-laws and my wife’s cousins here in Maryland, where we ate lots of yummy stuff, watched six children all 6 and under frolic and play together (and rarely a cry was heard, it’s true!) and saw the Dallas Cowboys embarrass themselves on national TV (always a good time)

I hope you had a wonderful holiday, and that you stay far the hell away from any shopping center or mall today.

So many good news items to choose from this week, but as always I’ve narrowed it down to three.

First up, a waitress in Galveston, Texas named Adrianna Edwards walks seven miles, each way, to her job at Denny’s every day she’s got a shift.

It takes her, as you might expect, a few hours and is highly inconvenient. But as she says, “I have bills to pay. “I’ve got to eat. You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.”

One day recently Edwards was talking to a friendly couple on whom she was waiting, and told them her story.

Later that day, the anonymous couple returned after going Classic Galveston Auto Group and purchased a 2011 Nissan Sentra. Hours later, they returned to Denny’s to surprise Edwards.

“She teared up, which made me happy that she was so moved by that,” said the woman who bought the car.

This incredible act of stranger kindness has changed Edwards’ life. What a wonderful, wonderful move.

**Next up today, Tuesday night saw a pretty huge shocker in the world of college basketball. My beloved Duke Blue Devils, the No.1 team in the nation, saw a 19-year winning streak at home against non-conference opponents come to a stunning end, as tiny Stephen F. Austin University came into Cameron Indoor Stadium and beat Duke, 85-83 in OT.

I was stunned and upset by this result, so why the hell is it in here in Good News Friday? Because for once, all the Duke hatred in the world resulted in something I can appreciate.

The player for SFA who made the winning layup is named Nathan Bain, and he’s from the Bahamas, and his family lost their home in the recent hurricanes that struck the island.

Bain’s father runs a church and school in the Bahamas, and those were devastated as well.

The church got hit really hard,” Bain told KTRE-TV in September. “My house got hit really hard. We lost just about everything. We are still trying to stay positive because more important than the material things, everyone in our circle and immediate family and church family is safe.”

Well, until Tuesday night a GoFundMe page set up by Stephen F. Austin had only raised a few thousand bucks to help Bain’s family.

Then, Bain hit the layup that slayed the giant. And as I type this late Thursday night, the GoFundMe has raised $132, 775.

Remarkable. And it’s not all Duke haters who’ve donated, I noticed as I scrolled through the comments. Many Duke fans gave money and support as well (see? We Duke fans DO have hearts!)

It’s amazing what sports can do. Literally, that win and that shot for Bain will change his family’s life, and the lives of the students who went to school in his dad’s church, forever.

Sports, man. Sports.

**Finally today, this is wonderful. It’s a clip of an old episode of “Sesame Street,” from 1974, of a boy named John and a Sesame character named Harry, and it starts off with little John counting, and well, it changes into something magical about one minute in.

Just so special.


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