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Good News Friday: An awesome baby halftime race at an NBA game. Stevie Nicks and Sheryl Crow make beautiful music together. And an NFL star erases lunch debt for a school

And a Happy Friday, my fellow readers of words written on screens! It’s colder than Donald Trump’s heart here in New York this week; this is gonna sound random but is the time of year when I miss David Letterman’s late-night TV show the most, because he’d always come up with some good one-liners about how cold it is in New York, like something like “It’s so cold even the hookers in Times Square are wearing earmuffs” but something better than that, obviously.

Anyway, it’s freezing here. On with the show.

Lots of good news this week, and I want to start with a piece of NBA halftime entertainment that made me laugh out loud.

So at a New Orleans Pelicans  game last week, they held a “baby race,” where they get a bunch of infants together on the floor, put their parents about 20 feet away, and have a “race” to see which little wee one gets to the finish line first.

This is the most dramatic and awesome baby race I’ve ever seen. No. 6 looks like a clear winner, all the way until… just watch it. And if this three-minute video doesn’t make you smile, especially with the dramatic twist, well, I give up.

**Next up, I love, love love me some Sheryl Crow. And I also love Stevie Nicks. The two of them once performed a duet of Crow’s iconic “Strong Enough” and it just about made me cry it was so beautiful (Crow singing it alone was already one of my favorite songs ever, and the two of them together… magic.)

Stevie and Sheryl have a new duet out, called “Prove You Wrong” and it’s a terrific little song and they sang it on “Ellen” on Wednesday and they nailed it.

Two amazing voices, together. Just beautiful. Man, I so want to see them both in concert together.

**And finally today, I’ve written numerous times in this space about the awful practice some school districts use, called “lunch-shaming,” where a schoolkid is denied food or embarrassed publicly in the cafeteria because their parents have outstanding debt.

So every time someone with means makes a donation to erase lunch debt, I get happy. San Francisco 49ers cornerback Richard Sherman recently donated $27,000 to eliminate the lunch debt in two different school districts, including the debt of a Santa Clara, Calif. middle school.

From the Yahoo! story: “Richard Sherman pulled me from my shift as a docent in the 49ers Museum to give me a personal check for $7,491.27 to cover Cabrillo Middle School’s cafeteria debt,” school principal Stan Garber said in a statement. “Richard’s gesture created such good will for the 49ers that they went on to sack Aaron Roger’s [sic] and the Green Bay Packers the next day on national tv by a score of 37-8.”

Following news of Sherman’s donation, the National Football League Players Association (NFLPA) named him as the Week 11 Community MVP. In addition to the over $7,000 to the Santa Clara school, earlier this month, Sherman wrote a check for over $20,000 to the Tacoma Public Schools in Tacoma, Washington to eliminate their student’s lunch debt, according to NBC Sports.

Outstanding job, Richard. It is so, so harmful to the psyche of these kids to be “lunch-shamed,” and it’s a blight on our society that it happens at all.

Go Niners.