Best of Good News Friday, 2019: A housebound, sick child gets tons of visitors thanks to wonderful neighbors. A youth hockey player does the best interview ever. And a teacher’s signs in students’ front lawns are special.

Happy Friday, people of Earth! I was a little busy with the kids Thursday but apparently we’re about to enter into World War III, with Iran. So, you know, if that happens, I appreciate you all reading the blog all these years, and it’s true I really never WILL live to see the Jets win a Super Bowl. So it’s been fun.

But while we’re all still here, I want to finish off my week highlighting my favorite Good News Friday stories of the year we just finished. I so enjoyed reliving these stories, since they all put a smile on my face, I hope you liked it too.

**First today, from August, get the tissues. A lot of them.
Three-year-old Quinn Waters of Weymouth, Mass. has been confined to his house for several months, thanks to a compromised immune system due to treatments for his brain cancer.

Quinn isn’t allowed to go outside at all, having to just stare out the window at all that’s going on around him.

But his friends, family and people in town have teamed up to give Quinn quite a show. This is just so wonderful.

**Next up, yeah I’m a hockey fan and this is the second hockey video I’m posting in the Best of Good News Friday, so sure, I’m biased. But come on, this kid is just the best. The Washington Capitals host a “Mite of the Night” interview during intermission every game, where they interview a small hockey player who played one of those pee-wee contests during the breaks in the game.

And well, 7-year-old Jackson Friedlander seized his moments of fame, and I don’t know about you, but I totally needed to know his tarantula’s diet, so glad he filled us in.

This kid is so freaking awesome.

*Finally today, from September, another terrific story of an educator going above and beyond for their students (hat tip to my sister Deb for this story).

Willonda Caffie is a third-grade teacher in Alabama, and a few weeks ago she did something kinda fantastic. Her student Christopher McCarley earned a grade of 100 on his first reading test of the year, and to show how proud she was, Caffie stopped by the McCarley house and planted a yard sign.

It read “Mrs. Caffie is so proud of me!”

Ashly McCarley, Christopher’s mom, took to social media on August 18 after receiving a surprise visit from her son Christopher’s teacher. The post has since gone viral with over 19,000 likes and nearly 10,000 shares.

According to this story, when the little scholar saw his teacher with the sign, his mother says he ran out of the house and jumped into her arms.

“I feel like Mrs. Caffie gives my son a fire to want to do his very best,” she said.

“Other students have also gotten signs for their accomplishments also! I am not really sure what made his teacher decide to give signs other than trying to reward them in a special way that would also motivate them and others to do their very best,” McCarley told FOX 26.

McCarley says she had many emotions when Mrs. Caffie showed up to her doorstep.

“I was so proud, and I was also overflowing with joy to see how happy my son was, because his teacher made a special trip to our home on a Sunday,” McCarley said.

What a wonderful gesture by an educator who is surely paid far too little, but whose impact is so, so great.

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