Daily Archives: January 17, 2020

Good News Friday: A little boy gets a standing O from his classmates after finishing chemo. Steve Hartman finds relatives he never knew he had. And a little girl writes a letter to the NHL and gets a welcome change

Happy Friday, y’all! Your humble correspondent is a little wiped out after screaming my lungs out at a Rangers-Islanders game Thursday night at the old decrepit barn called Nassau Coliseum. Man that place is NOT an NHL arena but wow does it get nice and loud for rivalry games. And the fact that the Rangers won, 3-2, with a goal in the final minute made it all the more sweet!

Lots of good stuff to get to today in Good News Friday, but let’s start with a story pointed to me by my buddy Matthew L. It is of a 6-year-old boy named John Oliver Zippay, who lives in Newbury, Ohio. He suffers from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, and at the end of December the little guy had his last (he hopes) chemo treatment.

As a welcome back to John, his schoolmates at St. Helen’s Catholic School in Newbury lined the halls to welcome him back. Just beautiful.

**Next up, the always-great Steve Hartman of CBS News is used to doing stories on other people’s families, not his own.

But I thought this was terrific; through some DNA testing Hartman found some relatives he never knew he had, and some not so wonderful stuff about a grandpa he never knew.

**And finally today, a pretty cool story of a young girl taking a stand against sexism.

New Yorker Sabrina Scali, 7, is a hockey fan, and has played the game for two years already.

She loves the NHL, and loves the playing cards the league has for sale for each team.

But she noticed something right away about the cards: on the queen cards, there are pictures of girls as hockey cheerleaders.

The queens were cheerleaders, and cheerleaders aren’t in hockey and girls can play hockey too,” Sabrina said.

So Sabrina wrote a letter to the NHL, it reached the marketing department, and presto chango, no more cheerleaders on the cards. The queens now have pictures of a girl holding a hockey stick (truly, this is long overdue, women’s hockey has been growing in America and the world for 30 years now.)

The New York Rangers heard about her efforts and organized a Junior Ranger Girls Hockey clinic for her and her teammates to skate on the Garden ice.

“If people see something that’s wrong in the world, they should stand up and fight for what they believe in,” said dad Mike. “I think it sends a tremendous message.”

Agreed, Dad. Way to go Sabrina!