Thoughts on this circus of an impeachment trial, with pressure mounting but nothing likely to change. Shaq remembers his little brother Kobe, movingly. And New Yorkers come together to lift a car off a victim’s body

You may have noticed I have yet to weigh in much on the Impeachment trial of President Donald J. Trump, not because of a lack of interest but because I honestly haven’t seen all that much of it.

But I have read about it and watched about it and even though things seem to change by the day, I have some thoughts:

— First and foremost, I truly believe this whole Senate trial is, to steal from Shakespeare, full of sound and fury and truly, signifying nothing. I appreciate it’s incredibly important, and I have no doubt Trump is 100 percent guilty and should be removed from office, but it’s not going to happen. This is all a giant TV show, with stakes being raised all the time but the fact that everyone’s breathlessly waiting for a resolution on if witnesses will be allowed to be called, as if that’s the end-all be-all, when we KNOW even if witnesses are called there’s no way in hell 20 GOP Senators would vote to convict, is kind of silly.

I absolutely think John Bolton and many, many others should be heard, since more corroborating witnesses to the Ukraine aid/Biden investigation story should be heard.

But I truly believe nothing could be said that would make this Senate convict. Nothing. So, instead, we get a nice big TV show that all the cable networks love.

— Adam Schiff has done an outstanding job presenting the case against Trump, and this star turn will no doubt in my mind lead to a Senate seat for him once Dianne Feinstein (praise God) finally retires.

— The Trump defense, such as it is, is constantly contradicting itself, not least of which when it tries to argue that Lev Parnas is a nobody who knew nothing and no one of importance. I dunno, there seems to be A LOT of credence to everything ole’ Lev has alleged, and there sure seem to be lots of pictures of him with Trump, and Rudy G., and many others in the Trump orbit.

— Can I just say I think it’s insane that the arcane impeachment trial rules require the senators not to eat while the trial is in session, and they can only drink milk or water? Is this an august body of government, or prison?

— I don’t get all this hand-wringing by the political press about how Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren, and Amy Klobuchar are hurt in their Presidential campaigns by being present for the trial. I mean, isn’t doing their current job, and doing it well, part of what people are looking for in a Presidential candidate? They’ve all been on the campaign trail plenty, and will be back there soon.

— Finally, I almost want this trial to keep going for a while to see just how much further unhinged Trump gets. I’m waiting for his Colonel Jessup from “A Few Good Men” “You’re damn right I ordered the Code Red” moment, when he just gets so fed up and admits he’s guilty of everything he’s been charged of.

You going to tell me that’s impossible, won’t happen? You underestimate the madness of our current leader.

**Next up today, there’s been a ton of great writing and video about the tragic death of Kobe Bryant in the last few days, but this on Tuesday night was the one I was waiting for.

Shaquille O’Neal, who formed an amazing partnership with Kobe on the Los Angeles Lakers, winning three championships while alternating feuding and loving each other, spoke on TNT’s “Inside the NBA” show Tuesday. For a little less than five minutes, Shaq spoke from the heart, emotionally, movingly, about his “little brother” and their fights, and how long it had been since they’d spoken.

Really beautiful stuff from a man with an enormous heart.

**And finally today, a kind of shocking and awesome video from a random New Yorker walking by and seeing New Yorkers do something heroic.

Apparently there was a car accident on Sunday on the Lower East Side of Manhattan, and a pedestrian was trapped under a Mercedes SUV. Seeing this, a few dozen of my fellow NY’ers ran over and physically lifted the giant vehicle off the woman, and she was able to escape.

The pedestrian did not suffer any major injuries.

I also love, as many people pointed out, that after they lift the car, the volunteers just walk back to what they were doing, you know, no big deal, typical day in New York City.

I love living here.


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