Daily Archives: February 2, 2020

The Super Bowl was very exciting! And the halftime show was stupendous! And the commercials… well, a few were pretty good.

Whew. Well that was a whale of a much better Super Bowl game than we had last year, and man am I happy for the Kansas City Chiefs.

I have no great personal connection to the Chiefs, except that a few of my friends are from there and I’m happy for them, and I do think waiting 50 years between Super Bowl wins is an awful long time to wait. So good for the Chiefs, and good for head coach Andy Reid, an outstanding football coach who lost his only other Super Bowl appearance, with the Eagles, and now gets to enjoy triumph.

Reid has had quite a bit of tragedy in his life, losing one son to a drug overdose,  and he’s always seemed to be a good man trying the best he can.

Some other thoughts from a pretty entertaining game, with thoughts on the commercials and that stellar halftime show, too.

— Patrick Mahomes, man, what a performance. He looked pretty ordinary for three quarters, his team was down 20-10, and it looked like the old adage about “a good defense shutting down a good offense” was going to be true. The San Fran defense was tremendous until the 4th, when Mahomes just made a couple of spectacular plays, with his legs on a scramble and then a downfield heave to Tyreek Hill for the first huge gain for K.C. of the night.

And the go-ahead touchdown drive was fabulous. It helps that Mahomes is such an easy guy to root for, really humble and gracious and an athlete who seems to just get it. I see many more celebrations like Sunday night’s in his future.

— The 49ers didn’t lose this game on defense so much as they stopped running the ball on offense. Jimmy Garoppolo, their star QB, was having a terrific game but so was San Fran’s rushing attack, and they went away from it in the fourth quarter when they were nursing a lead.

— That was a pretty fast game, with few replay reviews and almost no penalties. See? it can be done!

— I have no idea if the Chiefs’ Damien Williams really did score that go-ahead TD; it was so close. But I’m glad that for once they let the call on the field stand.

— I don’t want to be THAT guy, but I would feel even better about the Chiefs if they didn’t have domestic abuser Tyreek Hill on their team, letting him back despite ample evidence he injured his own child and threatened the boy’s mother. The man doesn’t belong in the NFL, period.

— So this was funny: The superintendent of schools in our town calls every school district family every Sunday night with a recorded message, and some platitudes about hard work and education and all that. This week he ended his call with “Have a great week, enjoy the Super Bowl, and may the Jets please win a Super Bowl in my lifetime.”

I laughed. Never gonna happen, my friend. Never gonna happen.

— The commercials were, as I think has been the case for years now, mostly meh. I thought the series of Tide commercials was so-so, and I have no idea what was going on with the Walmart ads. It definitely seems, as a few people pointed out on Twitter, that companies seem to think just throwing random celebrities together in the same ad will make TV magic, when most of the time it doesn’t. Those beer commercials, especially, seemed a mess.

A few of the ads stood out to me as fantastic, though. The Jason Momoa Rocket Mortgage one, with him taking off pieces of himself to make him seem old and decrepit, was very clever. I loved the Hyundai Sonata one with Chris Evans and Rachel Dratch, with the Smart Park new feature and the Boston accents and the Big Papi David Ortiz cameo.

But these two, for very different reasons, were just spectacular. First, the Google ad about the man telling the computer to remember all the little details about his wife Loretta, because he doesn’t want to ever forget, just slayed me. Had me reaching for the tissues, big-time.

And then the other one I loved was Bill Murray re-enacting his famous movie “Groundhog Day,” on Groundhog Day, 2020, no less. “Ned? Ned Ryerson?”

So damn clever.

— The halftime show was stupendous. Really, really great. I confess I’m a huge Shakira fan, for her musical talent and for her, ahem, good looks, and despite her awful choice in men these days, I have long admired Jennifer Lopez’s ability and incredible fitness.

I thought the two of them put on a fabulous show, especially at the end when they performed together. It definitely was a little hilarious that at the Super Bowl halftime show in front of a billion people J-Lo was singing about still being “Jenny from the block.”
But they were fabulous, the kids in the cages was a nice little political statement, and I enjoyed it as much as any Super Bowl halftime since Prince

– Our President tweeted right after the game his congratulations to the Chiefs, and to “the great state of Kansas” on the win. The Chiefs play in Kansas City, Mo.

He’s just such a moron.

— Finally, there was not one mention of Colin Kaepernick, the last 49ers quarterback to take them to the Super Bowl, on the broadcast. Not one. Seems mighty suspicious, doesn’t it? A ridiculous whitewashing of history.

Oh yeah, and I have lots of Australian Open tennis thoughts (Djokovic!) but it’s late and I’m tired so I’ll save them for Wednesday.