Daily Archives: February 16, 2020

A Trump administration policy stunning in its cruelness toward migrant kids, even for Trump. Another outstanding NBA Slam Dunk contest, another terrible result. And the Florida criminals who couldn’t be stupider

I say this from time to time, but it’s worth stopping every now and then, in the midst of so much cruelty, so much stupidity, and so much chaos coming from the White House, and this administration, and just being left breathless at some of the awful things being done in the name of the government we, the people, are represented by.

It’s so easy to get lost in the tsunami of awfulness, the impeachment stuff and the firings of career diplomats because the Orange Grifter didn’t like them, and all the political mud-slinging, and you just get numb to it sometimes.

But then you read a story like this, and it slaps you back into consciousness, and just sends you into a silent rage. Well, it sent me into one, anyway.

From The Washington Post on Sunday:

“To bolster its policy of stepped up enforcement, the administration is requiring that notes taken during mandatory therapy sessions with immigrant children be passed onto ICE, which can then use those reports against minors in court. Intimate confessions, early traumas, half-remembered nightmares — all have been turned into prosecutorial weapons, often without the consent of the therapists involved, and always without the consent of the minors themselves, in hearings where the stakes can be life and death.”

Let me state that again: Immigrant children who have been detained by ICE and are living in deplorable conditions in government shelters are given mandatory sessions with therapists. They then tell these therapists details, horror stories, whatever, believing what they tell the therapists is between them.

Then, sometimes WITHOUT the consent of the therapists, these confessional statements are used AGAINST the children in legal proceedings that often find them deported.

This exquisitely reported, heartbreaking story by Hannah Dreier of the Post follows the story of Kevin, a teenager from Honduras who has been in detention for nearly three years, and who has seen horrors the likes of which most of us will never know.

What an absolutely despicable example of ICE and our government taking advantage of children’s deepest, darkest moments alone with a therapist.

Ugh. Just makes me so mad. Read this fine story, for a glimpse of what goes on inside these shelters.

We should all be outraged, every damn day.

**OK, next up, the NBA Slam Dunk contest was held on Saturday night, and as usual I didn’t watch it but caught the highlights on Sunday, and man, it was fantastic.

Aaron Gordon, a high-flyer from the Orlando Magic, brought the house down with some amazing dunks (the one that starts at the 2:16 mark, above, is my favorite) but as seems to happen all the time in these NBA Slam Dunk contests, Gordon still did not win.
Derrick Jones Jr., who did some nice dunks himself, was crowned the winner. But man, Gordon’s were better, no doubt.

Anyway, as someone with a half-inch vertical leap myself, I love these dunks.

**And finally today, a wonderful stupid criminals story from the state of Florida, and many thanks to my good friend Andrew for sending this to me last week.

Two men were not discreet in their plans to sell drugs in the Florida Panhandle, according to officials.

The Florida Highway Patrol arrested two men suspected of drug trafficking after troopers pulled them over on Saturday and found drugs in a bag labeled “Bag Full of Drugs.”

Yes folks, that’s right, these two future Nobel Prize winners, Ian Simmons and Joshua Reinhardt, both 34, were pulled over in Santa Rosa County on Saturday, Feb. 1 after a trooper clocked them going 95 mph (153 kph) on Interstate 10 on the state’s Panhandle, according to a Florida Highway Patrol arrest report.

They had meth, cocaine and fentanyl in their car, helpfully in a bag that read “Bag Full of Drugs.”

You know, why be subtle about what you’re carrying, right? I mean, I hope these guys also walked around with a sign saying “I am actually quite stupid” and another one saying “I’ve got lots of money in my pocket, go ahead and rob me.”

“Bag Full of Drugs.” Aw, man, I do love me some stupid criminals.