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A wild night at a bachelorette party with details that must be seen to be believed. Elizabeth Warren shines in two “SNL” skits. And the worst first date story ever? How about being asked to be a robbery getaway driver

I’m a male, but I have a pretty good idea of what goes on at bachelorette parties.

And not just from TV and movies; throughout my travels in wedding parties and such, I know that women like to get wild, have fun, drink way more than normal, maybe see a naked dude or two, and generally send the bride-to-be off to her wedding in style.

But I gotta say, this bachelorette party I heard about last week on “Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me” might take the cake for the craziest one I’ve come across.

So check this out: At a bachelorette party at a strip club in the UK, the stripper’s pole came loose and bonked the bride’s grandmother in the head.

Oh, and the stripper broke both his legs.

According to this story in the London Mirror, “Dreamboys dancer Lewis Riches, 32, was only just beginning to get the crowd hot under the collar as he performed at the For Your Eyes Only club in Shoreditch, east London. But just minutes into the show he jumped onto a 20 foot pole which ‘ripped out of the ceiling’ and came crashing down onto the head of a woman who was at her granddaughter’s hen-do. A bride-to-be whose party was ruined on Saturday told Metro.co.uk the way staff handled the situation ‘was an absolute shambles’.”

I mean… so many questions. How many people take their grandma to their bachelorette party? And does Mr. Riches get workman’s comp for this injury, or was he like, screw it, there’s a grandma here, I’m going for this giant pole and making a spectacle out of this?

According to the story, Grandma was treated for a concussion at the hospital and is going to be OK, while Riches will be out of dancing action for months after having surgery on his leg.

Ladies, if you ever listen to me about anything, please leave grandma at home when you’re going out for a wild night before your wedding. Only bad things can happen.

**Next up today, the woman who should’ve been President, Elizabeth Warren, did a surprise guest spot on “Saturday Night Live” this weekend, and she killed it.

Appearing with Kate McKinnon, who’s been playing her on the show for years, Warren did a fantastic bit at the end of the cold open of the show, talking about her debate destruction of Michael Bloomberg, gently mocking her own supporters uniformity, and overall not taking herself too seriously.

My favorite part is at the end when McKinnon breaks character for just a few seconds before catching herself. You can tell the wonderful comedian has genuine affection for Warren.

Oh, and this backstage moment was also fantastic. Nothing like someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously.

**Finally today, we’ve all had bad first dates. I certainly have had a few, and people who have dated me probably have their own horror stories (hey, I can admit it, sometimes I wasn’t exactly Fonzie-smooth with the ladies).

But I don’t think anything can top this worst first date, ever.

So a woman in Massachusetts became an unexpected getaway driver for a man she met on a dating app after he robbed a bank at gunpoint. This was during their first date.

According to this story and the Bristol County District Attorney’s Office, Christopher Castillo pleaded guilty this week to armed robbery and three counts of assault and battery on a police officer for the December 5, 2016 incident.

It all started, the woman told police, when she picked up Castillo from his parents’ home in Chepachet, Rhode Island, and drove him 30 minutes east toward North Attleboro, Mass. She said he drank wine in the passenger seat of her Nissan Maxima (which is also illegal, but he wasn’t charged for that one).

The two had never met in person before that fateful day in 2016, she told police. So why would she think anything was wrong when he told her to pull over as they approached a bank? (Editor’s note from me: Who goes to a bank on a first date, and not to use the ATM?)
He got out of her car and left her there alone for a few minutes. Then, suddenly, he came running back, sweating with sunglasses, a hat, a gun and $1,000 cash in hand, the woman said.
“F**king go,” he told her.
She “panicked,” she told police, so she did as she was told.
His accidental accomplice obeyed at first, but once she spotted flashing sirens from North Attleboro Police cruisers on their tail, she immediately pulled over and walked away from the car.
Castillo stayed inside and ducked from police.
Wow. I mean… I guess there’s really no second date after that, huh? Did he call her “Bonnie” and request she call him “Clyde?”
On the plus side, the next guy this woman went on a date with had to look like Prince Freaking Charming by comparison.