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Good News Friday (and boy do we ever need it!): A stranger pays people’s rent, just because. A basketball fan gets an amazing Make-A-Wish moment at a Duke-Carolina game And a grieving widower meets a new best friend: A 4-year-old girl

Put in 2019 One Shining Moment here.

It has been a dizzying, head-spinning, “oh my God what just happened now while I was processing what happened five minutes ago?” kind of day. The last two days, really, have been just surreal, as sports institutions we take for granted (The NBA, the NHL, the NCAA) have completely been paralyzed by Coronavirus, and shut down their seasons and cancelled March Madness, my absolute favorite sports thing each year.

And while the shock of that crushed the sports fan in me, the human being in me was sent spiraling by so many other things: our government’s complete lack of preparedness for this, how quickly this disease is spreading, the still-unbelievable cavalier attitude so many are having toward it (including our dip-shit President).

But this is Good News Friday, and we’re not going to dwell on this. If my blog has been nothing else over the past 11 years, it’s been about positivity (except when I’m talking about the Jets, of course)

So let’s get started today with an awesome gentleman named Juan Gonzalez, the host of something called “That was Epic”, a YouTube show.

Juan decided to start randomly knocking on strangers’ doors and telling them he would pay their next month’s rent.

Their reactions are, of course, priceless. The second and third stories here are my favorite, but they’re all amazing.

Just a wonderful idea/gesture by Juan, and getting to hear the stories of who he’s impacting, and how he’s come into their life at the exact right time, is so great.

**Next up today, I’m a sucker for just about any and all Make-A-Wish Foundation stories, and when it involves a kid who’s been a lifelong Duke basketball fan, well, that’s a slam dunk for tugging at my heartstrings.

Antonio Sellers is a North Carolina teenager who has grown up a huge Duke basketball fan. Antonio is battling a brain tumor, and his dream was to see a Duke-UNC game at Cameron Indoor Stadium.

Well, last Saturday he did, and it was amazing. He got to meet the team before the game, and tour the shrine that is Cameron. And after the game, well, just watch how he was treated, with the Blue Devil players surrounding him on the court, and the crowd chanting his name.

Chills. Absolute chills. Antonio, tragically, doesn’t look likely to live a long life, but man, what an absolutely amazing day he had.

**And finally today, a wonderful look back to one of the best Steve Hartman CBS News stories ever.

Dan Peterson died last week, and it’s OK if you don’t know who that was. Just watch this piece, about how a 4-year-old girl named Norah brought him back to life, after the death of his beloved wife.

A simple greeting in a supermarket, of “Hi old person!” led to an amazing friendship.

So, so great.