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A crazy new way to stop snoring: Electrocution! Yo-Yo Ma with a beautiful musical tribute to medical workers. And Tom Brady, gone from the Pats? Too good to be true

Hope you’re all hanging in there today, whether you’re home with your kids, or out there as a medical worker or other “required to be out and about” worker. These are scary, crazy times. Me and the boys have been going for hour-long walks outside each day since Sunday (you know, because even prisoners get some outside time), and it’s amazing how many of our neighbors we’re seeing, just walking around, trying to get some air.

I’m trying to think of a comparison for this kind of a situation, but I cannot. It’s almost like we’re living through a nuclear explosion and it’s not safe to go more than a few feet from your house, and we’re all walking around just happy to see another person. Anyway, I’ll try to keep feeding you interesting stuff here and I hope you all stay safe. On with the show.

OK, so you or your spouse has a snoring problem. You’ve tried smacking them with a pillow, sleeping on your back, using any one of a million techniques to get the noise to die down in bed and let everyone sleep.

But now, a cure has emerged! It’s something you never thought of before, and never tried before! Behold, it’s electrocuting your tongue!

No, seriously.

A British company, led by Professor Anshul Sama, a sleep disorder expert, has created an ingenious little device designed to stop a person from waking up the household by hitting the snorer’s tongue with a small electrical current.

The invention in question’s called Snoozeal, and has an impressively high success rate of 70 percent based on the trials it has conducted throughout Britain and Germany.

Here’s how it works, according to this story in LadBible: A small, crab pincer-like device is inserted into the mouth. It’s flexible enough to sit in the base of a mouth and needs to stay there for 20 minutes at a time (at any part of the day), for a total of six weeks while NOT sleeping.

A current is then passed to the device, via the app on your phone (because of course there’s an app!) which sends a small current to the areas of the tongue to tighten its floppier muscles towards the back of the throat, which is what causes a lot of snoring cases in the first place.

The app also records users’ sleep patterns and how they can improve it, as Professor Sama explains the product’s ease of use: “Many devices on offer do not work and are unpopular because they have to be worn at night.

“Even surgery doesn’t always work and increasingly it is being rationed or even banned by the NHS to save money.”

OK, this sounds incredibly bizarre; the idea that you’re doing it during the day, though, and not at night, is encouraging. I’m not sure how many people want to shock their tongue, but hey, if the snoring problem is really really bad, why not try it?

Shocking your tongue to get you to stop snoring. I love science sometimes!

Next up today, there have been a lot of musical tributes this week that are coronavirus related; from those incredible people in Italy all singing their national anthem at once, to John Legend and others doing free concerts over the Internet for people stuck at home (John even had his lovely wife Chrissy Teigen lying next to him while only wearing a towel as he sang; that certainly should boost numbers).

But I wanted to highlight this piece (above) from the incredible cellist Yo-Yo Ma, who decided to perform the Sarabande from Bach’s Cello Suite No.3, and dedicated it to all the frontline workers helping fight this crisis.

Just a gorgeous piece of music that I hope makes you smile.

***Finally today, there was some actual sports news happening Tuesday, whoo-hoo! We sports fans have been like bedouins walking through the desert since last Wednesday, so the start of NFL free agency Monday was a ginormous drink of water to quench our thirst.

Lots of big news has happened, but nothing bigger than probably the greatest quarterback of all time, a dude named Tom Brady, announcing he will leave the Patriots and go play somewhere else (it turns out it’ll be Tampa Bay, and Brady in pewter will look completely, totally weird.)

It’s close to impossible to overstate Brady’s impact on the Patriots. He played in nine Super Bowls, winning six of them. He led the Pats to 30 playoff wins (an insane number), and 16 AFC East titles, and was the best quarterback in the sport for at least 15 years. He’s clearly not what he once was, and the end of last season showed Brady to be highly mortal.

Still, he’s pretty freaking great if you put good players around him, which the Bucs will do (their skill position players are far superior to New England’s)

As a Jets fan, I’ve been hoping and praying this day would come one day. I certainly never expected it to take this long; no NFL quarterback has ever played this well for this long (Brady is 42 years old).

And now, finally, it’s here. We finally get to see if Bill Belichick is a great coach without Brady; until Mr. Giselle Bundchen came along, Belichick never won squat as a head coach. We finally see if Brady can thrive without Belichick, too.

It’ll all be fascinating to watch, when (if?) we ever get back to normal in this country.

But on behalf of all Jets fans everywhere, Tommy boy: Thank God you’re finally gone from our division. Eighteen years of misery has been enough.