Trump not enacting the Defense Production Act means he’ll have thousands of deaths on his hands. An Italian man hilariously “goes out” for coffee. A soccer player does some amazing juggling. And


Sometimes, you just have to do what your mother tells you to do.

Even when you’re 44, married and with two kids and spent much of the day trying to find your 2.5 year old’s favorite blankie over and over again.

So for days now the woman who gave me life has been as angry as I’ve ever seen her, about Donald Trump refusing to enact the Defense Production Act. And she has every right to be angry, as do the tens of thousands of people who will die over the next few weeks because overstressed hospitals don’t have the equipment, or the room, needed to save lives.

It is unconscionable, absolutely unconscionable, that New York governor Andrew Cuomo says his state (MY state) needs 30,000 more ventilators and got only 400 from the federal government.

“You want a pat on the back for sending 400 ventilators?” Cuomo said. “What are we going to do with 400 ventilators when we need 30,000 ventilators? You’re missing the magnitude of the problem, and the problem is defined by the magnitude.”

Nurses are re-using masks, making DIY equipment and turning Hefty trash bags into gowns because this pandemic is spiraling out of control, and our President, with his head firmly up his derriere, refuses to compel all U.S. companies that can, to produce war-time equipment for the front lines.

And that’s what this is, a war, with hundreds of casualties already; the CDC website Tuesday night lists 44,183 cases in America, with 544 deaths, numbers that will go up immensely as more and more tests are made available.

This NYT story lays bare exactly what the slow federal response has meant for this pandemic, and the fact that Trump STILL refuses to enact it means preventable deaths that will occur over the next few months will not be prevented.

And this President sits back and puts ridiculous, unrealistic rosy spins on how things are going, talking about re-starting the economy by Easter while an Atlanta news outlet Tuesday night reported that the city’s hospitals are full.

So much blood is on this President’s hands. So much blood. And every doctor and nurse who has to choose which dying patient to save in the coming weeks and months has to do that knowing so much could’ve been done to minimize the damage.

**Next up today, I thought this was a pretty great little moment of comic relief. So an Italian man is arguing with his family because he wants to go out for coffee to a local cafe, and of course because of coronavirus they don’t want him to leave the house.

Watch as he “storms” out and where he ends up. Pretty fantastic.

**Finally today, sure there are no real sports going on right now, though my cousin Rob got me hooked on “Death Diving” on ESPN2 the other night, which is like cliff diving but into a pool and a lot scarier.

But hey, there are still great sports feats going on out there. This is Mabry Williams, a 14-year-old soccer player from Texas, doing some amazing juggling and finishing it off with an incredible flourish. According to her mom’s Twitter feed, it took her 20 minutes of trying to do this.

It would take most people twenty years. Eye-popping stuff. Go Mabry!


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