Selected Stories

Maxim Magazine:

  • This was my first major national magazine story. It was a six-month project, that started because I work and live near the town where pro wrestler Chris Benoit’s murdered ex-wife was from. It was an amazing experience getting to know Nancy’s sister and talking to all the former wrestlers who told me what their life on the road was really like.

Tennis Week magazine:

Gambling in Pro Tennis

  • This was a story I did in late 2007 about the gambling problem in pro tennis. Tennis is my favorite sport and the cool thing about this story was getting to interview legends like Bud Collins and Roy Emerson.
  • Justine Henin Profile
  • Justine Henin was No.1 in the world and about to defend her French Open title for the fourth straight time when I interviewed her in March of 2008. She was funny and charming, and the story was going to be on the cover. Then she retired about a month before the story came out. Not good for my now out-of-date story.
  • How Long Can Rafael Nadal Last?
  • This story on Rafael Nadal turned out to be prescient; I asked tennis experts if he was going to risk injury playing the way he does. A year later, he missed three months. I wish I could say it was my brilliant idea to do the story, but it was someone else’s.

Daytona Beach News Journal Articles

  • Mainland Football-Five Years Later
  • In Volusia County, Fla., only one football team has ever won a recognized state championship, and that was the 2003 Mainland Bucs. A remarkable blend of talent and character, they’ve suffered three excruciating personal losses in just the six years since their greatest triumph.
  • UCF-Fans column
  • Every once in a while I get a good idea during a game. To open their brand-new stadium, the University of Central Florida got the powerhouse University of Texas Longhorns to come to Orlando for the first game. In the fourth-quarter, it looked like, shockingly, UCF might win. So I went down to the student section to watch the rest of the game. Man was it fun.
  • Hockey Coach Swindles Kids
  • I’ve met some liars and crooks in my career, but Bill Lucia might be the worst. Looked in my eyes and lied like few others can, then later threatened me and the newspaper a whole bunch of times. As usual with these stories, once it came out in the paper I got 10-15 more emails and calls from other people he’d screwed over.
  • Shawn Willis’ story
  • The best thing in journalism is when you stumble into stories that turn out to be great (OK, that’s the second best thing. The best thing? Free food in press boxes.) DeLand High School, in DeLand, Fla., made a remarkable run to the Class 6A state title game in 2009. One of their stars was a kid named Shawn Willis, who overcame a lot, opened his heart to his team, and the rest was, for many readers, tear-inducing.
  • The Long Walk Back
  • A great thing about my job is getting to meet amazing kids like Chaz Kisgeropoulos. He broke his neck playing football, had a torturous recovery, but is now doing great.

Glens Falls Post-Star Articles

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