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The Lingerie Football League (shockingly) is a little unprofessional

Well, since it’s Sunday, I wanted to bring you a heartwarming football story, about some opportunistic promoters and the women who have enabled them.

The Lingerie Football League started as an idea a few years ago as a diversion during the Super Bowl. Some marketing geniuses got it in their head that to give TV viewers some T&A during halftime, why not put half-naked women on TV playing football?

And who would’ve thunk it, the people lapped it up. (OK, maybe poor choice of words there.)

Anyway, the success of the Super Bowl “game” led to the creation this year of the Lingerie Football League, with 10 teams.

Well, things haven’t gone so well, and now the natives are revolting. According to this document obtained by The Smoking Gun, the league is threatening legal action against some players who complained that the league reneged on promises to pay medical bills for injured players.

Seriously, who could’ve seen injuries happening? The women are playing in next to no clothing, with very little protection, and many have no football training.

Who could forsee injuries? My favorite part of the legal filing is the “accidental nudity” clause, wherein a player told The Smoking Gun that the league didn’t want women wearing bras or underwear. Why? Well, that would cut down on the chance of “accidental nudity” occuring during the game.

And yes, that’s covered in the contract.

Oh well, looks like the LFL is not long for this world. That’s too bad. Because I heard Cinemax had a line on their next TV contract.