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The blog’s going (mostly) quiet for 2 weeks, as the family takes a big trip. And sexism alive and well on TV news in 2016, as a weather forecaster is told to button up


Every once in a while, a man needs to do something a little crazy, a little bit different, a little bit out of the ordinary.

For me that used to mean jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, or eating milk with meat.

Now, in 2016, it means taking a not-yet 2-year-old on his first flight, a 2-week journey to Vancouver, Seattle and Portland.

Yep, the Lewis family is going to a land far, far away for two weeks, and for the first time in a long time, I won’t be blogging much (please stifle your cheering).

I’ve been fortunate enough, thanks to my itinerant journalism career, to travel to almost every part of the United States. I’ve been to the Deep South, the Midwest, California, Texas, and all kinds of cool places in between.

But forever and ever I’ve been hearing family and friends talk about how beautiful, cool and fun the Pacific Northwest is, and I’ve been wanting to go for a long time.

And so with our little guy now almost 2, we decided to take the plunge. A six-hour nonstop night flight to Vancouver should be a good test on just how awesome our son is.

Truly, I’ve heard the horror stories from other parents about first flights with babies, but our little guy has the temperament of the Dalai Lama, so I’m feeling confident it won’t be too bad.

Once we get there, I’m super psyched to see Vancouver, to see Butchart Gardens in Victoria, to check out Frasier Crane’s city and the Space Needle and Pike’s Place Market, and delight in the weird wonderfulness that is Portland (and see Powell’s Books, the world’s biggest bookstore and a place I plan to roam around for hours. Family, what family?)

Anyhoo, it should be awesome. My recent herniated disc injury has slightly dampened my enthusiasm the past two few weeks, but it’s starting to get better (hooray for cortisone shots!) and I should be good to go.

It’s possible I may blog once or twice from the road, if I’m excited about something and can’t wait till we get home to write about it.

But if not, please come back here around June 1, I’m sure I’ll have some cool stories or at least, news that I’m moving to Seattle immediately (I hear the coffee there is great!).

**Next up, today, this was a sign of how society is just as sexist as ever, and maybe the biggest overreaction I’ve seen in the media in at least a week or two.

KTLA Los Angeles weather forecaster Liberte Chan was doing her forecast Saturday morning in a black dress that, while OK, not something I would wear, wasn’t really all that much to get excited about.

And yet, apparently the station was deluged with emails complaining, and so one of the anchors (wait for it) handed Chan a sweater. To put on. On the air!

I mean… how ridiculous could you possibly be? Chan seems completely stunned by what was going on, as I’m sure anyone would be.

Just so stupid, and demeaning, in 2016, to do this on live TV.

**And finally today, since there will be no Good News Friday post this week, I leave you with this piece of good cheer, from Upworthy.com

It’s how the city of Albuquerque, led by its mayor, decided to put homeless people to work and beautify the city at the same time.

Such a simple idea. Such a great idea.

Have a great week everybody!