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The “Black Lives Matter” protest of Bernie Sanders was utterly ridiculous. The Jets suffer such a Jets-like injury. And Columbia House records, R.I.P.

OK, time for a rant.

Bernie Sanders is running for the Democratic nomination for President. He has had a long and distinguished career as an extremely liberal man, fighting injustice, arguing long and hard, in words and deeds, for civil rights for all, and by any metric you can possibly imagine, would be the President of the United States most devoted to making the lives of minorities in this country better. I am proud to support him.

#BlackLivesMatter is an organization founded two years ago. It is mostly populated by young, fired-up African-Americans who are fighting to change how minorities are treated in America, especially by law enforcement. I am in complete agreement with nearly all of the goals of #BlackLivesMatter.

And so is Bernie Sanders. Which is why I find what happened last week at a Sanders rally in Seattle so infuriating, and just plain idiotic. As you can see above, several #BlackLivesMatter protesters stormed the stage as Sanders was about to address thousands at a rally. They screamed, they ignored reasonable requests, and basically made a complete ass of themselves, railing against a candidate who would do more for their cause than anybody.

I mean really, Black Lives Matter folks? You pick  Bernie Sanders to protest? The only true liberal in this race? What exactly do you hope to accomplish by protesting Bernie Sanders? What position more in tune with your values could he possibly adopt?

There wasn’t a Ted Cruz, Rick Perry or Mike Huckabee rally somewhere you could attend? Because really, any of those buffoons, or Jeb Bush, or Donald Trump or Marco Rubio, are really going to do A LOT more for race relations in this country than Sanders. Yep, Presidents Bush or Trump really give two shits about anyone of color, they’re really going to strive for equality in America.

Give me a freaking break. What a disgraceful display.
So I was mad about this for a day or two, and I was calming down a bit, rationalizing the Sanders incident as perhaps just the work of a few overzealous protesters in Seattle.

Then tonight my mother alerted me that Chris Hayes on MSNBC was going to have a segment about the incident, and I watched Alicia Garza, a co-founder of Black Lives Matter, on his show. (Her nonsense starts at around the 3:30 mark, but at the 7-minute mark is her most ridiculous statement of all.)

And I got pissed off all over again. This woman made absolutely zero sense. She’s talking about making sure “our message is heard” and completely ignoring the fact that Sanders is on their side on all of it, and talking about “forcing Sanders to have a better platform,” and bitching about Sanders not actually saying the words “Black Lives Matter” at a previous event, and that shows he’s not really on their side.

What a crock of shit. Protest is a wonderful tradition in this country. But when you protest against the only people in government who are on your side, you just look like classless idiots.

Rant over.



**OK, on to something happier. Like another piece of my childhood going away. Remember those incredible Columbia House promotions in the mail and in magazines in the 1980s, where you could get like 12 cassettes for one penny if you would just sign up for the record club, and buy 8 tapes over the next three years?

Only they sent you these annoying postcards every month, and you had to send it back saying you didn’t want it, otherwise you’d end up with a Jackson Browne or Linda Ronstandt tape you didn’t really want?

Of course you remember them. I loved getting all those initial tapes for free. It was awesome. I didn’t love being required to buy 8 tapes over the next year.

Anyway, I hadn’t thought about Columbia House in 20 years, until Tuesday, when I saw this story about the parent company of the Columbia House music and DVD club filing for bankruptcy.

And I thought, of course they ran out of money! You can’t give your product away for free for that long and stay solvent.

Poor, poor Columbia House. I will always think of you and your postcards fondly.


**And finally, as a lifelong Jets fan, I bring this story to you without an ounce of surprise:

Starting quarterback Geno Smith will miss 6-10 weeks with a broken jaw. He was sucker-punched by teammate IK Enamkapaili, who apparently was mad that Geno hadn’t paid him $600 he owed him.

So Geno Smith, who stinks anyway but was getting one last chance, will now miss half the season. Because he owed a hot-tempered teammate $600.

I think lifelong Jets fan, and incredibly gifted writer Tom Junod, said it best:

“The incident, however extraordinary, will be viewed as business as usual by Jets fans…” A sentence the New York Times has ready for any Jets story.”