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The brilliant shower curtain that kicks you out if you’re wasting water. A man shaves his beard after 14 years, and his own father doesn’t recognize him. And a little girl channels Aretha Franklin


I’m not saying this invention is the solution to all the world’s problems. But it is pretty fabulous.

Out of the world of art comes this fabulous thing I read about this week on MentalFloss.com. It’s by an artist named Elisabeth Buecher and it’s called “My Shower Curtain is a Green Warrior.”

The concept is to help save water.  And here’s how it works: It’s a shower curtain that looks like a normal shower curtain at first. But then after about 10 minutes, the spikes that are designed on the curtain inflate when it’s time to get out. The artist calls it a “design for pain and for our own good.”

Another design from the line is called “Trap” and inflates around the person showering after 4 minutes, trapping them. While these are not actually for sale, it does get us thinking about water.

I think it’s a fabulous idea, and this should totally be mass manufactured and marketed. At least in California.

Imagine the excitement of a shower, when you don’t know if, at any second, spikes will come out of your curtain! You go in to get clean, and a video game breaks out!

As they said in “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid,” I’ve got vision, and the rest of the world’s wearing bifocals.

**Next up today, never in a million years would I think a man shaving his beard and then “meeting” his family again would be such compelling video.

But watch this: An Israeli ad agency filmed Amit, an Israeli man who had been growing a beard for 14 years, finally shave it all off and then go around surprising his family.

The whole thing is great, but my favorite part is at 1:40, when Amit meets his father… who thinks he’s a stranger in his store.

And finally, to put a smile on your face on humpday Wednesday, a little girl named Johanna doing a dance routine to Aretha Franklin.

Hell, she’s channeling Aretha. This video has been seen more than 18 million times in the past month. Only 4 of those were from me… So adorable.