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Violence against Women Act? Sure, GOP is against it. A very funny new commercial. And the kid who invited a porn star to his prom

After taking on Planned Parenthood and contraception and being embarrassed and humiliated, it seems the Republicans in Congress needed a new ridiculous issue to tackle.
But I never would’ve picked this one. Ever since it was passed into law in 1994, the Violence against Women Act has sailed through Congress every time it was up for renewal.
Which is not at all surprising, since the act was designed to protect victims of domestic violence, give money and aid to battered women’s shelters, and help law enforcement prosecute the pond scum that strike a woman physically.

But now, you see, the language in the bill has been expanded to include same-sex abuse cases, as well as allowing battered illegal immigrants to receive temporary visas.

So of course, the Republicans in Congress want to protect MOST women from getting battered. But gays and illegal immigants? Nah, go ahead, smack the hell out of them.

It repulses me that this is actually an issue. That the freaking U.S. Congress has to DEBATE whether to continue to protect innocent victims of assault, women whose lives have been shattered and made a living hell by horrible boyfriends/husbands/whoever.

The legislation “creates so many new programs for underserved populations that it risks losing the focus on helping victims, period,” said Republican Senator Charles Grassley.

Yeah Chuck, that’s the big problem in America. We’re helping too many abuse victims and people in trouble.

What a disgusting load of garbage. Re-authorize the damn bill. Anyone voting against it deserves to be in the house when a drunk, repeat-offender batterer comes home in a foul mood.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

**So this is not going to turn into an NC-17 rated blog or anything, but two totally unrelated items related to the world of pornography caught my attention Monday. First up is the above television ad for a cable TV channel in Canada. I thought it was hilarious and a quite-wonderful parody of those cheesy Skinemax flicks.

**The other brush with the world of Jenna Jameson and her friends came from an 18-year-old Minnesota high school student named Mike Stone, who, after getting turned down for the Senior Prom by several girls in his school, decided to take to Twitter and invite a porn star to be his date.

And by golly Miss Megan Piper, 19, took up our hero on his offer, and was all set to fly to Minnesota (on Mike’s dime, of course) and be the receiver of his corsage on May 12.

But then the North St.Paul-Maplewood-Oakdale school district went and spoiled all the fun, telling Mike it was inappropriate for him to bring Miss Piper to the prom, and there would be no slow-dancing at the dance with the star of, well, no, I’m not going to write some of the names of her movies here (I Googled her and even I blushed).

Now there’s a small social media movement afoot to protest this, and poor Mike has taken to trying to raise the 400 bucks he’d need to fly Piper to Minnesota for a date.

Ah, Mike, I wish you the best of luck my friend. I never went to my prom and have regretted it ever since.  I have a feeling you and Miss Piper would have a wonderful time together.