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A couple destroys a woman’s life thanks to mistaken identity, and refuses to admit it. The incredible surfing feat you have to see. And “The Price is Right” contestant who was in the bathroom when her name was called

This is one of those stories that enraged me.

In the grand scheme of the whole world, it’s not the biggest deal in history. Of course there are many more horrible things done by horrible people to innocents that deserve more attention, and more headlines.

But this really, really bothered me. So people of my Generation, Generation X, may remember the name Kevin Powell. He was a cast member on the first season of MTV’s “The Real World,” playing the “angry black male” character to perfection. Powell has gone on to become an activist and author and received a small amount of fame, while also admitting to abusing numerous women when he was in college.

Well, he and his choreographer wife, Jinah Parker, were preparing to put on a dance show in 2017 when they received a nasty email from a woman named April Sellers. After the tiniest bit of research (Googling, basically) they tried to destroy the name and reputation of Miss Sellers, who they believed to be a Minneapolis theater director and actor. They wrote a viciously hateful email to the Minnesota arts community, the newspapers there, NPR, and many others.

Only, it turns out, they had the wrong April Sellers. The one in Minnesota (pictured above) had no Earthly idea why she was being defamed like this; the actual emailer was a different woman with the same name, who lived in Cleveland.

Now, ninety-nine times out of 100, this would result in an apology, a huge apology, and an attempt to make amends.

Only, no such thing happened. Far from it. And as a result, April Sellers’ Minnesota life was ruined, her career forever changed. There is a slightly, sort-of happy ending to this story, but I urge to read the whole thing and see how reckless, and purely blindly evil, two people can be toward another person, for no apparent reason.

I hope this story follows Kevin Powell for the rest of his life. And that one day, he and Parker wise up and realize just how incredibly wrong they were.

**Next up today, this is one of those athletic feats that is so incomprehensible to me, I don’t even know how you could ever get this good at this. A Brazilian surfer named Rodrigo Koxa just broke the world record for the highest wave ever surfed, at 82 feet, during a session in Portugal, this week.

EIGHTY-TWO FEET high, this wave was. That’s 11 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s stacked on top of one another, with me added on top just for fun.


**And finally today, big shout-out to my friend and loyal blog reader Kathy for pointing me to this the other day, as she knew this is exactly the kind of thing I’d want to blog about.

On a recent episode of “The Price is Right,” last week, audience member Tara Armstrong was called down to come to Contestant’s Row. The thrill of a lifetime! A chance to win big prizes and money!

Except after Tara’s name was called, nothing happened for a while. It seems Tara was in the bathroom, answering nature’s call instead of that of the show announcer.

Finally, Tara left her Estate (see what I did there?) and made it down to where Drew Carey would greet her.

I have so many questions, like: Didn’t you go before the show, Tara? And don’t they give you time during commercial breaks to go pee? And do you think she heard her name and ran out without washing her hands, because she was so excited to be on “The Price is Right?”

The world wonders.