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The man who returned stolen money, 60 years later. A happy ending to “60 Minutes” homeless kids story And the worst firing story possible

This is why I don’t think I could ever be a good criminal: I have a guilty conscience (also I’m 5-foot-6, and really dislike guns. That’s also why I’d be a bad criminal. But I digress).

Seems another fellow in Seattle had a conscience attack last week. The unnamed fella returned $100 to a Seattle Sears store, with a note that read:

“During the late [forties] I stole some money from the cash register in the amount of $20-$30,” the note read. “I want to pay you back this money in the amount of $100 to put in your theft account.”

Man, can you imagine carrying around the guilt for 60 years, then paying the store back? So many questions I have about this story: What made the guy finally decide to give the money back? How did he decide how much to return?

And what I really want to know is: What did he need the money for back in the 1940s? Transistor radio? Baseball cards? I’d love to sit down and talk to this guy.

**It’s rare to get such a quick happy resolution to a story that broke many hearts, but we got one Tuesday. One of the homeless families profiled on “60 Minutes” Sunday, which I wrote about and linked to here, was especially sad to hear about and listen to. Arielle Metzger, a 15-year-old girl,(above, right) was so poised and calm as she talked about living her car, and using gas station restrooms to get ready for school in the morning.

But thanks to the show, the Metzgers have gotten a ton of help since the show aired.  Several individuals have come forward offering the Metzgers a place to live, and the kids’ dad Tom has been offered a full-time job (he’d been unemployed).
I can’t stress enough how important it is for the media to keep shining a light on our most downtrodden fellow Americans. Millions of people in this country are just aching to do good, and when they see a story like the Metzgers, they are more than willing to pitch in and help.

I smiled all night once I read this. No kid should ever have to get ready for school in a gas station.

**Finally, I thought this was pretty heartless. The University of Akron decided to fire their football coach last week. Which was understandable, since head coach Rob Ianello was 2-22 in his first two seasons as coach. But you want to know how they did it? They called Ianello while he was on his way to his mother’s funeral.

I mean, really, Akron, you couldn’t have waited a day or two for the man to grieve? He had to be fired immediately, when you don’t have another game for like, 8 months?

Just despicable.