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The Trump cabinet is as scary as we feared. SNL does a great skit, but it’s soon not going to be funny. And the Detroit Lions are in first place! And other NFL thoughts


So it’s been almost two weeks and I’m still not quite believing that a 70-year-0ld vulgar, talking yam who is the most unqualified man ever to become United States President, actually is going to be President in a couple months.

For a few days after the election, there was some laughable talk that Mr. Trump would actually try to be calmer, more sober, and not hire as many radical nutjobs as he had working for him on the campaign.

But nope. So far Trump’s major appointments have included a white nationalist sympathizer (Steve Bannon), a completely-lost-his-marbles general (Michael Flynn), and a Senator from Alabama who was deemed to racist to be a federal judge 30 years ago (Jeff Sessions).

Also, Trump has refused to talk to the press or to the public, he got all mad that his VP got booed at “Hamilton” (gee, hard to see how the most anti-gay VP ever would get heckled on Broadway, though I do give props for Pence’s quote that the boos “sounded like freedom of speech.” He took it better than his boss.) and oh yeah, his chief of stuff, Reince Priebus, said that we may well have a “Muslim Registry” of all Muslims who live in America.

I’m sorry, was Joe McCarthy brought back to life or am I imagining things?

This is how bad it’s been: I hear Mitt Romney might be Secretary of State and I’m like “whew, a grownup!”

It’s all just still so dizzying, that so many unserious, offensive people will be having a major role in our government. And that Trump is having meetings and phone calls with world leaders on unsecured phones in Trump Tower. And that he’s still Tweeting about “SNL” and that his business interests already seem so intertwined with his Presidency.

(That letter above, by the way, was from a Dad to his son Jack, about how to live under Trump’s rule. I love it, and think we all should heed its advice.)

I guess as soon as I start accepting this is real, the better off I’ll feel. I have been saying to people that I really don’t think Trump will last four years as President: He’ll either get bored and quit, or become so wildly, spectacularly a failure that he’ll be forced to resign by Congress.

Either one is fine with me.

**Next up, Alec Baldwin continues to do excellent work on “Saturday Night Live,” as Trump, though the man himself Tweeted how unfunny and unfair it was. (The great Jason Gay of the Wall Street Journal  Tweeted back “Dude, you watch more TV than a latch-key kid.”

The Mitt Romney handshake at the 4-minute mark slayed me.


**And finally today, the Detroit Lions are in first place! Let me say that again: The Detroit Lions are in first place. No, really, the Detroit Lions are in first place.

This is a statement that’s said as often as “Mmmmm, asparagus!” by 7-year-olds, or “You know what we need? More snow!” by New Englanders in February. The Lions have stunk for about 60 years, pretty consistently. But somehow this year they’re less stinky than usual.

Sure it takes last-minute heroics for them to win (I’m afraid my friend Abel, a die-hard Lions fan, might have a heart attack by the end of the season, and he has two kids and is a great friend, I can’t have that happen!), but hey, they’re now 6-4 and tied for first and it seems nuts. Their best player, Calvin Johnson, retired after last season, they seem to always fall behind, but somehow have been finding ways to win.

Detroit Lions, first place. Sounds about as crazy as President Donald Trump, doesn’t it?

Some more NFL thoughts on a cold Monday…

— So Kirk Cousins is pretty good now, right Washington fans? You hate him, you love him. I get it. Today you love him. He torched Green Bay and suddenly 3 NFC East teams could make the playoffs. Hate seeing world-class jerk Daniel Snyder accidentally have a winning team, though.

— So much for my declaration last week that the Kansas City Chiefs were really good, huh? Ah, everyone gets a mulligan.

— I don’t understand how the Arizona Cardinals are this mediocre. Much the same team from last year, a great coach in Bruce Arians, and they’re losing way too often. Not going to make the playoffs at this rate, and I really thought they could be a Super Bowl team.

— Finally, spare a thought for the Cleveland Browns. Zero and 11 is no way to spend Thanksgiving.


We get some new wheels, and I’m a bit overwhelmed. A wild day in the NFL, and the Jets officially stink. And what Kurt Cobain would look like today


Pretty big weekend for the Lewises; we got a new car.

I’d had my 2004 Toyota Corolla for about 10 years, and I loved that car, which got me through a whole bunch of long nights and days driving on different newspaper job assignments, drove me back and forth from New York to Florida twice, and basically did everything I needed it to do.

But the last nine months or so she really was falling apart, 140,000 miles after her life began (I don’t know why I’m calling her “she,” seems like boats are always females, aren’t cars, too?), and we were pouring more money into the car than it was worth.

So about a month ago we started to go car-lease shopping (not sure we wanted to buy, a lease gives us more flexibility because we don’t know where we’ll be living in a few years, maybe out of NYC). We really like the Toyota RAV-4, but the safety ratings on it were terrible. We liked the Subaru Forester, but it just didn’t feel right.

Then we saw the Honda CR-V, and loved it. It felt good, it looked cool, and it was the best of the small SUV’s we looked at (I really, really don’t like driving big cars, but the wife likes “sitting high up” so I figured what the hell.)

And so, thanks to some really quick work and excellent service at a great Long Island Honda dealer, we picked up our metallic blue pearl CR-V on Saturday.

And I gotta say, not having driven a new car in 10 years, I was pretty overwhelmed. So many new features, so many damn dashboard buttons to deal with, a navigation system that’s more complicated than my first computer… it was a little dizzying.

But also, super cool. The SiriusXM satellite radio free trial definitely has the potential to get me hooked into a subscription, if only for the “80s on 8” channel alone. The car handles great, it has like 47 airbags, and so far we’re definitely in love.

**More craziness in the NFL on Sunday: The Rams beat the tar out of the Bears, the Lions get beat by the awful Buccaneers, and what in the name of Jack Trudeau (old-school Tecmo Bowl fans remember him?) is going on with the Colts, getting destroyed by a suddenly-awesome Arizona team?

The Sunday night game was at least blessedly predictable, with Peyton Manning and Tom Brady putting on another classic. The Broncos completely collapsed in the second half, rallied to send it to OT, and then lose on a fluke fumble on a punt at the end of OT? Ugh. Hate, hate, HATE seeing the Patriots win.

Well, at least one thing Sunday was predictable: The Jets and Geno Smith continued their downward slide to where we expected them to be. The boys in green and white were miserable Sunday, losing to the Ravens 19-3, and Smith has definitely regressed into Mark Sanchez territory.

Kid just looks lost. He was under heavy pressure most of the day, and the running game didn’t do much, but Geno just doesn’t seem to know what to do out there. Maybe a game or two on the bench would help; anything but more of the same.

As I said to my fellow Jets diehard David Sunday, I’m rooting for 5-11 now, so the Jets can at least get a Top 10 pick and have a shot at a top college QB. Because no matter what Geno does the rest of the way, he hasn’t won the job for next year.

Ah, the Jets. So nice there’s something predictable in the NFL world tonight.


**Finally today, I thought this was kind of creepy and weird but also fascinating.

The music website NME.com has paired with the Rock and Roll Heaven Project to show us what famous rock stars who died young would look like today. They’ve got Jim Morrison (above), Kurt Cobain, and what I think is the creepiest one of all, Elvis Presley.

Man, the John Lennon one (No. 3 in the gallery) really looks horrible, doesn’t it? I think he would’ve aged better than that.

Pretty fascinating stuff.