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Gun control suffers another body blow. Thank goodness for Jon Stewart. And a crazy B.A.S.E. jump off the Freedom Tower in NYC


As I watch gun laws across this nation get looser and looser, I just keep waiting and wondering when does it all end. When will the pro-gun people be happy?

Will owning a firearm and wearing it at all times become mandatory? How about instead of reading and learning to share, we make sure all kindergarten classes have shooting practice with real bullets for the 5-year-olds?

Soon I expect law not only allowing guns in churches, bars and restaurants, but there’ll soon be firing ranges back near the restrooms, so you can order your meal, then go get in some target practice.

I want to laugh at these outrageous ideas, but really, are we that far away from them being reality? Look at this law being passed in Georgia right now, that both the right AND the left say is the most extreme law in a long time: Guns being allowed in bars, schools, restaurants, churches and airports (here’s a question: Under this law, where can’t  you have a gun in Georgia?)

This is a law being opposed by the police in Georgia, by the Episcopal and Catholic churches, and by a majority of Georgians themselves. And yet, far-right wing legislators (and, incredibly, the Democratic candidate for Governor, Jimmy Carter’s grandson) are pushing and supporting it.

The last paragraph of this story is heartbreaking:

The issue is a simple one for Barbara Lawson. On Saturday, the 53-year-old Sandy Springs resident went to Milo’s to tape posters with her son’s picture on the bar’s exterior, demanding it be closed. Her son, Tekilum Terrell, 34, was killed there last April. “My son was killed in a bar with a 9-millimeter gun,” she said. “Without that gun, we’d still have him here. Do we need more guns in bars? After this? Seriously?”

I don’t know how many more mass killings it’s going to take before we turn this gun-worshiping culture around, I really don’t. I would’ve thought a young man walking into an elementary school and opening fire, killing so many innocent young ones, would’ve done it.

But no, apparently that wasn’t shocking or painful enough. So what’s it going to take? How many more have to die?

So freaking sad.

**Thank God we have Jon Stewart to point out the further absurdity of the recent “controversy” regarding President Obama’s appointment for Surgeon General:

The idea that saying anything negative at all about the NRA, even if you’re a doctor, could disqualify you from serving as Surgeon General, is just ridiculous.

**And finally, four guys did a B.A.S.E. jump off the top of the NYC Freedom Tower at the World Trade Center in September.
They just uploaded footage of it to YouTube the other day. And, well, now they’ve been arrested. (apparently they were being investigated before posting the footage.)

Still, fast forward to 2:45 and watch something really, really cool.