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Maybe too good to be true, but it looks like Bibi may be done in Israel. Kodi Lee wows “America’s Got Talent” finals. And a woman in England marries a tree (seriously)

It’s not even Rosh Hashanah, and the New York Jets are down to their third-string quarterback this season, and are a 22-point underdog to the Patriots this weekend.
Just wanted to share my misery with you all. Now on with the show…

I don’t want to celebrate prematurely, since so many of us are frightened of doing that after past election shockers (see, Clinton, Hillary, 2016), but I was feeling very upbeat Tuesday night upon reading headlines declaring that finally, ding dong, the witch of Israel might be (politically) dead.

After 13 years over two decades in power, Benjamin (Bibi) Netanyahu maybe, possibly, likely, finally lost an election as Prime Minister.

And speaking as a Jew, as an American, and a citizen of the world, this is freaking fantastic news.

As the election results trickled in Tuesday night, all the exit poll data showed that Bibi and his far-right, ultra-orthodox ruling party had failed to secure a majority of votes, and that Benny Gantz, a moderate who opposed Netanyahu in the election, would emerge slightly ahead and get the first chance to form a coalition government.

If this is true… it’s wonderful. For so long, Netanyahu has bullied, lied and bribed his way to power and then to keep it, and his unbelievable arrogance and refusal to even consider the rights of Palestinians in a peace process he never had any interest in joining, has been disgraceful.

His coming to Congress at the behest of Republican leader John Boehner in 2015, to then browbeat America and President Obama was particularly odious, and his constant, consistent lies and half-truths about Palestinians, his disgusting behavior toward America, and most recently, his slavish devotion and love of Donald Trump has been a stain on the world.

Oh yeah, he’s also under indictment for bribery and corruption.

Bibi has been close to political death before, and has always escaped. So like I said, I’m not celebrating yet. But as an American Jew who simply cannot support the far-right, constant war-mongering man who leads the homeland of my people, this could be a wonderful, wonderful change in leadership.

My fingers will be crossed.

**Next up today, I blogged a while back about the incredible singer Kodi Lee on “America’s Got Talent,” a blind man who has tremendous vocal range and an inspiring backstory.

Well, Tuesday night was the “AGT” finals and Lee once again put on one hell of a show. Check out his performance. What a talented young man.

**And finally today, this story kind of made me wonder exactly what makes some people tick. Because I have no Earthly idea.

So there’s this 34-year-old woman in England named Kate Cunningham, and about 10 days ago she legally married a tree.

That’s right, a tree. The ceremony took place in Rimrose Valley Park, and Cunningham invited her family and friends to come see the ceremony, after which Cunningham said she was legally changing her last name to “Elder,” after the species of tree she married (well, sure.)

Cunningham’s goal with this “marriage” was to draw attention to the destruction of green spaces in her local park, see. So she figured by getting hitched to an inanimate object, she’d get lots and lots of attention.

From this story in the Daily Mail: Miss Cunningham said that she was inspired by female activists from Mexico who held similar ceremonies to bring attention to illegal logging and land clearing, and that she hoped to draw attention to the campaign to save Rimrose Valley Park.

The former primary school behaviour support assistant said her family and boyfriend were supportive of her decision.

She said: ‘My boyfriend is very supportive of my decision. He’s even helped make props for the ceremony.

‘My oldest son was initially embarrassed when I told him I was going to do it, but he decided to come to the ceremony. It means a lot to him to be there.”

Sigh. You just KNOW her son is going to be talking about this in therapy some day.

The NYPD looks to the movie “Road House” for guidance. An awesome new commercial from Mentos. And the Prime Minister of Israel, desperately trying to stoke fears


When I worked in Wilmington, N.C., right out of college I had a great buddy named Randy.

Randy and I worked on the newspaper together on the same late-night shifts, and we’d get off work, get some food, and go back to his apartment and play hour after hour of EA Sports NHL hockey on his Sega Genesis. (In this respect, we were like millions of other single guys in their 20s during the 1990s. Just watch the video game scene in “Swingers,” that’s what we were like.)

Anyway, Randy had many delightful quirks, but my favorite was his insistence that the greatest movie of all time is “Road House.” Yes, “Road House,” that awful Patrick Swayze movie from 1989 where he plays a tough bouncer who cleans up bad guys with his fists.

You should’ve seen the passion with which Randy would defend “Road House” when I mocked it. You’d think I’d insulted his mother or something.

Anyway, I haven’t talked to Randy in years but I smiled thinking of him this week, when I heard about this unbelievable but true story: The NYPD is using the film to help train its officers.

Seriously. Apparently the scene where Swayze’s character, Dalton, tells a bunch of tough guys to “be nice, until it’s time not to be nice” has been shown as part of a mandatory, three-day retraining course for 22,000 cops.

Yes, “Road House” as a training tool for the NYPD. What next, “Backdraft” as a teaching tool for the FDNY?

**Next up, following the Ad Week Twitter feed continues to lead me to advertising gold. Remember the old highly-mockable Mentos commercials from the 1980s and ’90s? I have to believe they were intentionally cheesy, because nothing that bad could be an accident.

Anyway, Mentos is back with some new commercials, and this ad for something called NOWMints is hilarious and weird. Enjoy…


**Finally today, what can I say about Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and what a ridiculous, pompous, obnoxious politician he increasingly is?

He came to the U.S. Tuesday at the invitation of GOP Speaker of the House John Boehner to address Congress, against the wishes of the President (can you imagine, by the way, if the Democrats had pulled something like this, ignoring George W. Bush’s wishes and inviting a foreign leader to speak to a Democratic-led Congress? The right-wing talking heads would still have smoke coming out of their ears.)

And what a surprise, in his speech Netanyahu basically poured a bucket of crap on the painstaking negotiations nearing completions between the U.S. and Iran over nuclear disarmament.

He doesn’t care that progress has been made, doesn’t care that an agreement is closer than it has been in ages. No, Bibi is as big a war hawk and fear-mongerer as there has ever been, and his insulting, condescending speech, lecturing America about the danger Iran presents (as if we were all clueless first-graders unaware of this) was yet another example of a man who does not want peace, or only wants peace under 100 percent his terms.

Of course this deal could be better, no agreement is ever perfect. And of course, Netanyahu offered no alternative solutions, because he doesn’t want one; he just wants to keep carping and screaming and whipping up America into a frenzy by arguing that no deal is good enough.

I don’t understand why this man is shown such unflinching support by American politicians, I really don’t. He’s nothing short of an impediment to peace, and it’s a disgrace he was given this forum on Tuesday to spew his fear-mongering.

Good riddance.